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My 17 year old son had his wisdom teeth out today. Recently out of braces all 4 needed to come out before moving the teeth he spent years in braces fixing since he has NO room. Before surgery the dentist spoke with us about the possibility of harming a nerve around the 2ND molar during the removal of the top wisdom teeth. He stated a 3%-5% chance of this happening. When we became concerned, the surgeon then downplayed the situation by stating that my son's chances of this happening where on much lower end of this percentage.
The surgeon stopped after the 3rd removal with ut completing the surgery & i was called back to speak with him. Needless to say something worse happened. He proceeded to tell me that the 2nd molar completely came out. He said, he looked down & 2 teeth were out not 1. He stated it just popped out. He offered to fix it (not sure how) but free of charge or maybe he said at no expense to us. Needless 2 say my son will still have to get the 4th removed. He said, he didn't remove the 4th because he was afraid it would happen on that side as well. I asked if this happened often & he stated NO! I even asked for the tooth since he was holding it & he said he wanted to keep that tooth. This was the 1st he's done this & he seemed really bothered by it.
My question is why did this happen & does it happen to other dentist? Should we return to him for the 4th removal? Why was there no warning on this possibility? Big difference in 3%-5% chance of damaging nerve & loosing the tooth completely.

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