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Hey.. I've had a dental flipper since I was 17 years old. Back story is that both my canine teeth were stuck inside the gum buy the bone. I had oral surgery and braces for years.. They finally put "chains" to slowly pull down my canine teeth. My right canine came down, but the left was stuck to the bone and had to be extracted. So in place of my gap, I got a dental flapper for my one tooth until I had an implant. So story goes on and my parents didn't want to pay for an implant... When I turned 18 I was kicked out and ever since then I never had the extra money to get the surgery. So I was stuck with this dental flapper. I hate it... I lie to everyone about it. It has made me so insecure. I have a fiancé and two kids and he still doesn't know about it. It was an obscene one with a metal wire going over my front teeth... When I was 19 I couldn't take it anymore so I took pliers and cut the metal retainer bar off. Everything seemed better but I'm not kidding you EVERYONE asks about it and can notice the retainer. I chose hot pink when I was a teenager and it's super noticeable. The sides where the metal connected where also so noticeable, it looked like silver fillings.. I've even had people asked if they were piercings. Tonight I lost it and took pliers again and cut the silver deposits that connected the bar that used to exist. But I still have this huge plastic piece that takes up the entire roof of my mouth. At the top of it, there is still metal that is similar to a permanent retainer to expanded your jaw. I can't afford any cosmetic work still.. And I think about it everyday still. It has made me depressed. I don't even kiss my fiancé. Is there a way to cut the plastic off and just have the plastic tooth stay with like an adhesive? I'm waiting until I finally get extra money to get an implant but even that I feel like will never happen. Are there alternative options that aren't so expensive? I just went to a wedding this weekend and in the pictures it was so noticeable I was brought right how I felt when I was 17.
Dear Sarah,

Awww, that's a terrible experience!
It seems that you are used to having to take care of things all by yourself. I'm so sorry you have felt so alone!

BUT, you have a partner now! For the relationship to work you must open up and share your concerns and needs. Your mouth issue is a NEED! In fact this is a good test to see if you have a partner worthy of your trust. I'm sure he wants to know why you avoid kissing him! This isn't something to keep to yourself. You know people already know something is wrong, so go ahead and open up to your fiance. Lying will ruin your relationships, so open up as soon as possible.

Tell your fiance' as soon as possible. Relationships do not work by hiding things. Perhaps a payment plan can be worked out. You don't know until you try. Ask around to find a reliable dentist.

I have two teeth missing that I cannot afford to replace so I totally understand the embarrassment. For pictures I turn my head so the missing tooth doesn't show.

But sweetie don't ruin your relationships over this. It can be worked out.

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