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I didn't know that they use water for deep cleaning. I had deep cleaning back in the late 1990s by a dentist and he didn't use water. However, several deep shots of novacaine was the worst part for me. He did one quadrant at a time.

Why don't you call your dentists office and tell them about your bad experience?

When you say you had the left side of your mouth done, does that mean upper and lower? I never heard of it being done that way.

Lately I have learned that it may not be necessary to do all the teeth in one quadrant. The spaces between gums and teeth get measured and it's called periodontal charting. You can ask for a copy to see for yourself. If I understand this correctly, numbers 1, 2, and 3 indicate that nothing needs to be done yet. But any tooth that measures #4 or higher means that deep cleaning is needed so it doesn't get worse. 5, 6, and 7 are the worst. Then I learned that there are dentists who will do just the few teeth that really need it.

I was due to get my whole mouth done at a cost of $836.00. Then I decided to ask for a copy of the periodontal charting. To my surprise I found that I only have five teeth that need deep cleaning. I also found another dentist who will do just those 5 teeth at a cost of $50 each. That would come to a
total of $250.00 instead of $836.00

I also found out that they can numb just one tooth at a time without giving a deep shot of novacaine. They claim I would only feel a small pinch. I found this out over the phone and will be going for a free second opinion in a few days.

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