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Things are improving slowly....the tori that had to be removed is the slowest healing part....and the hardest to 'work around' so to say! Have to go in again next week and have some more of the bone taken off. They are only going to use novicaine this time but give me the 'happy pills' so hopefully I make it thru that part. Last time it was fully knocked out with the IV and don't remember a thing! The extraction sites are just pain at all from that, but the tori sites are the ones giving me some problem with soreness. I know it was best to get them taken care of when they did the extractions since the immediates would never have set as well as they do without that extra bone there! Have had them relined 3 times in the last 4 weeks so I guess that is a good sign that the swelling is going down. How long does it take for all the swelling to be gone? The implants are almost all 'visable' now, think there are just 2 under the swollen gum line at this point. Sure is a strange feeling with the posts there...but nothing hurts, They did a pano x-ray Friday and everything is looking great as far as that goes, nothing to worry about. The little bone spur does need to be shaved down and that is what they will do Tuesday. The process for the perm set will most likely start the later part of July, said it would most likely take 5-6 trips over a couple of months to get that part done. So I'm looking at Oct. or Nov. before anything will be attached to the implants. Maybe even longer....we shall see.

My biggest 'complaint' right now is being tired! No energy to get back to my normally hectic/busy lifestyle! Eating isn't much of a problem....pretty well eat what I want...if it is cut small that is! And a glass of iced tea to wash it down. Each day seems to be a little better....I made it to 8:30 pm last night before I headed to bed!

My cheeks still seem a bit puffy to me at least. DH says he doesn't notice it that much, but I do. Chapped lips most of the keeping the chap stick handy as well. Lots of salt water rinses every time I pass the sink and the special yucky tasting medicated mouth wash as well....just a tablespoon or so of that each time.

I have tried the adhesives....HATE the goo but the powder is great...have to have a crowbar to get the top out after I use that stuff! The powder does not work as well on the lower but I try not to use anything so the tori area will be able to heal better.

Talking is getting a lot easier...I think! I still sound funny to myself but managed to put a new message on voice mail that isn't to bad. Now if only I could get a magic energy pill I'd be all set!

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