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Hi - my suggestion, since you have compromised bone, is to get a 2nd and 3rd opinion. I have NEVER heard of shaving the bone - this can result in a severe infection.
Please keep me updated?
ttfg ;)

[QUOTE=zashel]has anyone had to have the bone in the roof of their mouth shaved down for dentures my dentist said I will need it done for my dentures to fit properly. But I have looked online an can't find any information on it. I broke my nose really bad as a kid from a snowmobile accident and actually had to have most of it stiched up with over 50 stiches and Iam a little scared of having that bone touched due to it being so close to my nose, my nose was not set by a doc. my brother actually knocked it mostly back in place with his knee so Iam unsure of how stable that whole area is. would like any help.[/QUOTE]

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