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Failed root canal?
Oct 16, 2004
This is my first post on this board so forgive me if I am asking a
redundant question. About 15-20 yrs ago I had a root canal on
tooth #20. Everything went along ok for a few years, but I
gradually developed pain in my mouth on the side the root
canal was on. The dentist sent me for gum surgery, stating that
the wrong kind of packing material was used and it had to
be corrected. That was about five yrs ago. Everything went along
all right until about six months ago when I developed trigeminal
neuralgia on that side. I was given a brain mri (I had an abnormal
one a few yrs back and MS was suspected). This one came out
normal and I was given vioxx (which has been recalled) to deal
with the pain. The neuralgia pain finally subsided after several weeks but
then a hard, painful lump developed on the same side at the
bottom of my gums. I had some antibiotics on hand that I need
to take for premed prior to dental work, so I took some and the
lump went away. A couple of weeks ago, the lump returned. I
went to the dentist who says I need an apico (apical?) treatment
and has referred me to a specialist. I am wondering why it has taken
so long for these problems to develop since I had the original
root canal back in the mid 80s. Also, will this actually solve the
problem or will something else need to be done five more years
down the road. I am wondering if having the tooth pulled might
actually be the most beneficial response. Could this lump be from
something else? I have a lot of sinus and allergy problems. Could
it be something other than dental? I have heard of having salivary
stones that mimic these symptoms. I guess I should go to my medical
dr before submitting to the expense and pain or more dental work
but would appreciate some advice from others that may have
gone through similar root canal calamities. Thank you.

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