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[QUOTE=toothfairy28]I'm pretty sure your jaw pain is from the result of extracting your wisdom teeth. Sometimes when your jaw is forced to open wider than normal and for an extended time you can dislocate the disc that is between your jaw joint. This will cause some clicking and popping and sometimes with annoying pain. Go back to your oral surgeon and explain to him your symptoms. If you have injuries to the disc there is nothing you can do but let nature takes its time to heal. Hopefully it will but not always.

You keep biting the sides of your cheek because your wisdom teeth is not there anymore so you naturally bite your cheek. You will have to train your mouth not to do that.

You have a lot going on right now so just take it one step at a time. No need to panic. Just allow yourself to heal and take care of yourself.[/QUOTE]

I appreciate your response.
I no longer bite the sides of my mouth anymore. Thank God. :bouncing: My jaw still hurts me very much around the joint area (in front of ear) and I can only open my mouth wide enough to fit about a finger and a half in it. I remember i was able to fit 3 fingers b4. I tried eating a BigMac from macdonalds and I had to basically take it apart in half so i could fit a bite in my mouth.

The 2 top wisdom teeth site of surgery seems to be healing just fine, however i do have swelling around the area where there are stitches remaining, and usually get bleeding from it after eating ( barely noticeable bleeding)

However the bottom wisdom tooth that was removed seems rather weird. It seems that i still have the whole there. I really cannot tell what is going on back there but something does not feel right back there, also I have a lump on the gum right by the extraction that hurts to the touch. I dunno what is going on but definately not right. Will find out tommorow what is going during my checkup visit.

The other complaint i have is the throbbing pain i have been getting on te tooth where the root canal was performed, it wasn't hurting me prior to the wisdom tooth extraction, but has been hurting me since, weird cuz if it had a root canal done to it then i would assume that there is no nerve so i am not sure why i am feeling this pain.

Even then, right now i must tell you my number one concern is my jaw, the pain and siconfort is just unbeareable. Anyways i am goign back to the oral surgeon tommorow, i hope, and will report back on what he says.

Again thanx to all who ha helped me calm down a little and enjoy my X-mas.
my jaw is finally better, i can now fit 2 fingers without forcing it open. also the pain is not as bad as before.

i can now open the mouth wide enough to see the whole where the tooth was. Is it normal to have big hole like that?? How long before it closes up ??

Also have this annoying lump on my gum by the site of extraction that is really annoying, anyone have any idea what the hell it is ??

Thanx again.

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