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I went to my dentist last november complaining of a chipped tooth and a toothache. She said was infected and would need a root canal and crown. Took antibiotics for a week and went back, she opened up the tooth and said infection stuff drained out when she started the root canal. 1500 bucks later the root canal is done the post is in place and the crown is on. But the discomfort is exactly as it was before she did a single thing? I have been back to see her several times during the past 5 months for other dental work and keep complaining about this same pain. She put me on antibiotics twice more saying the infection was not gone. Then she said my bite was the problem and adjusted the tooth surface to fix that. Next she sends me to her friend the endodontist who tells me the root canal has failed. (how can it have failed if it never succeeded in the first place?) and that I have two choices, 1100 bucks to redo the root canal and then would probably need to have a new crown made too for another 700 bucks. or i could spend 900 bucks and have the tip of the root cut off. Oh ya and he wants 500 up front to cut off the root. I do have dental insurance and still have spent 3500 bucks in six months on my mouth with over half on this one eye tooth! My dentist says if there is a problem with the root canal that is her fault I will not have to pay to have it fixed. So who is to blame for this failed root canal that never seemed to work from the beginning?

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