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Hi all

8 days ago, I had my bottom left wisdom tooth extracted due to an impacted wisdom tooth. I had elected to removed the wisdom tooth as my teeth are crowding and I am planning to have braces in the near future (my wisdom tooth was not infected.) The procedure was done under local anesthetic and took over 1 hour 30 mins. The dentist had to split the wisdom tooth in half to remove the tooth. After the procedure, I experienced the usual - pain, swelling, bleeding etc. My dentist had put me on oral antibiotics (as a preventative measure) which i have now finished.

Anyway, after the swelling subsided (after 5 days), I noticed that I have developed a hard palpable round lump close to the surgical extraction site - it is located below the tooth that was next to the extraction site. The lump is sitting near the jawline, cheek area and deep down in the gum along the gum line. It is not painful unless hard pressure is applied. It measure approx 1.5-2cm in diameteter. I have also noticed that my gums close to the area is starting to become inflamed.

Can anyone tell me if the lump is normal or if they have ever experienced something similar. If so, how long should I expect the lump to remain there? I saw the dentist 4 days ago, but I was still very swollen at the time. The lump has not decreased or increased in size. Im generally pain free.

I have a dentist appointment again in 2 days to get it checked out. Should I be too worried?

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