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Re: Bone Graft
Jul 20, 2005
Thanks for the reply casey, my case is a bit more complicated the surgeon wants to put the bone graft and 3 implants in the right upper jaw great. But the problem is i've had 3 sinus operations in right maxillary sinus caused by an upper molar extraction by a ( butcher dentist )it was a nightmare the last of my sinus operations was a caldwell luc in which they operate in the mouth its a horrible operation and i wish i never had it , now i have nerve damage in my cheek bone from that operation( facial neuraglia ) and every time i get something done in that area it flares up the nerve i have to be careful. A year and half ago i lost 3 upper molars or abcessed teeth and the infection spread to the bone on the right side. Its been a nightmare i am going to have implants but i think for now me and my face need a rest from another operation.

ps The Surgeon wants to take out bone from my left lower jaw the good side it will be a disaster for me if the nerve that runs to the lower lip and chin was touched. That would be great nerve damage on the right side and left. I read your story and i have sympathy for you.

Good luck Thankyou again
Re: Bone Graft
Nov 19, 2005
Hi Lou22 & Lateeth! I didn't know that bone grafting involved using your own bone matter from one part of your mouth to another.The surgeon never suggested my own. I have had 2 bone grafting procedures done on my upper jaw to prepare it for 2 implants, but this was some kind of manmade substance which is supposed to harden into bone over a period of time. The pain has not bothered me as much as the lack of success. My second bone grafting procedure was very extensive and involved the surgeon using 2 to 3 times as much grafting material and my own blod plasma injected into the surgical site to help the healing process. I never had infection either time, but with the 1st surgery I guess most of the bone grafting was reabsorbed. The 2nd surgery was 3 1/2 months ago and much of the bone grafting material seems to have "migrated" into my sinus cavity so now I have some puffiness in the right side of my face and a hard mass under my skin (probably scar tissue my dentist said). My oral surgeon said he would still like to place 2 implants in Jan.'06 and attach a removable partial after it heals. What would be the point of a removable partial after all of that? My main concern now is for my face to heal and hoping I don't have trouble with sinus infection in the future. Do you know if scar tissue will be reabsorbed, or might it have to be surgicially removed?

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