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Very interesting. Uh I am going thru periodontal disease. Why oh why is a dentist doing your gum treatment. A periodontist is the one who specializes in gum problems. My advice ask your dentist why her or she did not refer you to the perio. Also the costs worries me. I had perio surgery which cost $600.00. now I have to go to my regular dentist 3 months for a cleaning and then the perio the next 3 months. Also I forgot were you diagnosed with periodontal disease or gingivitis? Remember as a patient you have the right to question any procedure you are having done or is suggested to you. I must tell you I asked my dentist and the perio lots of questions. Sometimes they get irritated or impatient but TOO BaD I am the patient. My advice talk to your dentist and ask this person why have you not reccomended a periodontist for the treatment of my gums!! Don't worry about the reaction you get you have the right to know!! If you have had scaling and root planing done the next step should be routine cleanings. Although if there is alot of plaque and tarter like you say you may need further procedures. Also do you have alot of recession. You may need some type of surgery Let me know ok I hope I have helped you a little at least

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