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I'll try to make a long story short.

Last Thursday I had my two lower impacted wisdom teeth removed. I had to have this done on an emergency basis because the lower left wisdom tooth shattered. My dentist had advised for me to wait until next year to get my impacted wisdom teeth taken out, and to have a root canal done on my last adult molar on the upper left. Unfortuneately this was not possible and now I have to wait until Jan 06 to get the root canal done.

So... here are the problems: :eek:

1: I'm 7 days post extraction and I still have a bit of swelling and a god awful taste in my mouth. 5 days after the extraction I went back to the oral surgeon to make sure that the left extraction site wasn't infected or anything because of that horrid taste and swelling. He told me that it was all part of the normal healing process and that I didn't have to worry about a dry socket because I had healed a lot already. Has anyone else had this terrible taste in their mouth after an extraction and is there anyway to make it go away? My oral surgeon has advised against using mouthwash for another week but the smell and taste are driving me crazy. Salt water rinses aren't doing much.

2: Since the extraction, the tooth that needed the root canal (and the surrounding area) has been throbbing, whereas before it didn't hurt at all. I suppose I could chalk this up to referred pain (pain of the other teeth after extraction) but I doubt it. This tooth has a temporary filling in it that falls out from time to time and I replace with some DenTemp. Anyone have any home remedies for making this pain go away until I can go back to the dentist in January when my insurance plan renews? Anbusol worked last night for a bit.

3. Final, and probably the smallest problem is that beneath my gumline on my left canine tooth (same side I have the problem with the extraction site) there is what looks to be a large pimple. Very very soft, and white colored. It's a little swollen and red, but nothing too bad. It also appeared after the extraction. What is it and how do I make it go away?

I've been pretty good about taking care of my teeth for a long while now, though I didn't see a dentist for almost ten years before I started going again. I started religiously seeing the dentist in April of this year and probably have been back every couple of months for some debridement and filling repairs. I'm not sure what's wrong with me now.

I've scoured the boards for previous answers to these questions, but they were far and few between. Any advise beside "go back to the dentist", because I've run out of my benefit amount for this calendar year.

Thanks :wave:

ps. I checked the board for pimples in mouth, sounds like it could be a fistula or abcess, but I have a feeling that something like that would have shown up on my x-ray I had the other day. I have had no fillings or root canals near that tooth. Could it possibly be a part of the healing process on the left side of my mouth? It's not painful, just looks like a pimple and is a little sore.

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