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[[COLOR=RoyalBlue]FONT=Trebuchet MS]Hello everyone...I am new to the boards. I live in the United Kingdom, so maybe our treatment or medications may not be quite the same as in America, but I hope someone may be able to give me some advice as I am now very frightened.

About four weeks ago, I started to feel very poorly; disorientated, detached and sick. I had a molar near the front of my mouth that had ached for around 12 months, which I stupidly had ignored, and this was hurting more, and I felt that it had something to do with how I felt. My doctor put me on tetracycline, but this didn't work and I ended up having emergency root canal work done on the tooth, and was told I had an abscess at the root. The dentist then put me on amoxicillin, but I had to go back two days later to have the tooth out as I was in excrutiating pain. The day after I had the tooth out I ended up in casualty (or ER?) as I felt so ill, and I was then put on co-amoxiclav for a week. I have taken these religiously, but I still feel very poorly. The tooth socket is healing well, but I am having hot, unpleasant sensations in my sinuses, and I don't feel very 'with it' at all......a bit woozy, unwell, and having a job keeping my eyes open. I have been back to the dentist yet again last night, and he took a full x-ray of my mouth and sinuses.

He said the socket was healing well, which is true, but the infection may have travelled to the sinus and facial area. He said there was no bone penetration when he did the root canal work. He has now prescribed metronizadole. I'm frightened of continually taking antibiotics, but also frightened of how I feel in myself. I have never felt so ill...this is definitely the worst thing I have ever suffered.

My husband is fed up of me and tells me I am exaggerating things. I truly am not, and I cannot impress upon him how I feel. It's not like bad toothache, but as I say, a hot feeling in my sinuses, heavy eyes and just feeling generally unwell. I don't have any swelling anywhere, and I can open my mouth fully without pain. It all seems further up in my head. I want to lie down all the while, and am struggling to do any work in the house (which upsets my husband even more). My doctor doesn't want to know, saying it's the dentist's problem .

Has anyone suffered with anything like this? Is metronizadole pretty good and should I just ignore my fears and get on with taking it? And what happens next if this doesn't work? I have felt as if I am going to die at times, I have to be honest. I just want to get well and I don't know how to go about it. Thank you for any help offered

Maureen [/FONT] [/COLOR]
Hi Maureen,

Welcome to the boards.

I am one of the lucky ones who has a dentist that was able to diagnose my problem immediately and begin treatment.
I have/had osteomyelitis. It is an infection of the bone. I had a small abcess above one tooth, extremely tired and ran a low grade fever. I had been under a lot of stress the weeks prior so I figured it was that. WRONG
I had emergency surgery, placed on a picc line with antibiotics for 12 weeks and so far the infection shows non existent but they wont give me an all clear until I have been infection free for one year. If I had left it untreated my dentist claims that at the rate it was going I would have been brain damaged or dead in less then a week.
I am in the middle of reconstructive surgery to repair and replace the damage that the infection did. It is a very painful and time consuming process.

So, with that said, tell your husband that he really needs to be thankful that you are trying to find out the cause of your symptoms and he should be supporting you by doing everything in his power to help you. Infections in the mouth are serious. You sinus passages are located just above the roof of your mouth, and your brain is just behind that. If the infection did travel to the nasal areas you may want to see if a Ear Nose and Throat doctor would be able to help you more with those issues. In the meantime, take the antibiotics and if you have any more problems call your dentist or go to the emergency room.

Good luck and please keep us posted.


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