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Feb 24, 2002
When was the last time you had a professional dental cleaning? When was your last visit to the dentist? Do you have any cavites that need fixed? Teeth with tarter buildup and cavites can cause bad breath. Rotten teeth and gums smell bad. If your gums bleed when you brush your teeth, then you may have gingivitis. Also as already stated, floss your teeth. Plaque build up anywhere in your mouth, including between your teeth, is where bacteria live. Anywhere that there are alot of bacteria, it will smell bad, including your mouth. Could you have a sinus infection or a lot of sinus drainage? This could too be a cause of bad breath.
If you are using alot of breath mints, and they have sugar in them, this could be contributing to your bad breath. Bacteria love sugar and eat the sugar too, and bacteria eat and have waste products just like us, their waste product is an acid and that acid irritates your gums causing gingivitis, and that acid also eats away at your teeth causing tooth decay. The more sugar you eat the more acid the bacteria produce in your mouth. Use sugarless gum and sugarless mints. Try those listerine pocket packs, they don't have sugar in them. Again as stated earlier, tongue brushing, not just the tip but the whole body of the tongue needs to be clean. Look in the mirror and stick your tongue out as far as you can. Look way in the back, it should be pink and look clean, not creamy in any way. Creamy white, yellow, or brown is not a clean tongue. That is bacteria back there living within the plaque that's coated on your tongue. Brush this off daily, it may take a week before you see your tongue a normal pink color.

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