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After brushing my tongue, I began to notice streaks of bleed when spitting in the sink. I located the source and it was right on top just a little towards the back. Its very easy to see the area when sticking my tongue out and looking in the mirror. The bleeding very, very minor, almost like a pin-prick and would likely not be noticable without rinsing.The odd part is, the bleeding almost immediately subsides, but always come from the exact same spot. When its not bleeding, there's absolutely no indication of a lesion or bump on the tongue whatsoever. It looks perfectly normal, even upon very close lighted inspection. There appears to be no subsurface bumps either. It feels and looks perfectly smooth like the surrounding areas. Is this something to be concerned about and worthy of a special appointment or is this something fairly typical? I brush my tongue in the morning with the standard toothbrush and have never had this, nor soarness from it as a result. I'm a 35 y/o male. Thanks!

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