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Hi Antoni,

I have been reading your posts and I must say I feel so badly for you. I have had my share of dental problems and will for life, but I feel bad for you as you have SO much going on at one time. I had to have a bottom 1st molar pulled and now I'm in the same dilema. Do I get a bridge, implant or leave it alone and hope my wisdom tooth shifts everything over. A bridge scares me because I don't want to have two other teeth shaved down and capped and then deal with the after effects of getting used to the bridge. An implant just scares me. I don't know what to do. Actually, one step at a time. I have an appt. tomorrow to have a back molar shaved down and capped because it has soooooooo many fillings on it and it's sensitive from time to time so my dentist is going to cap it. I'm soooooo scared to have this done. All other caps I've had have been root canaled teeth, so I'm just scared that by working on this tooth it's going to blow up in my face......ugh HELP! Some days I really think about getting dentures so I won't have to deal with the pain. I think about my teeth's pretty sick. Well, sorry I couldn't be of much help. Thanks for letting me vent. I hope someone out there has some good suggestions for us. take care!

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