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Isn't that a beauty?

I broke a temporary crown, my FRONT tooth (which is next to two extractions (ie: two big gaping holes) -- so this tooth is really crucial and very visible.

I called the last dentist I saw (the one who wrangled a full set of xrays out of me) to get an appointment to fix this temporary crown (it literally cracked and broke in two). The receptionist said that the dentist slated this tooth, it's "supposed to be pulled anyway for dentures"....

Uhm,....and that has what to do with what, exactly?

So because I don't want dentures, and did not run right out and get my teeth yanked like she told me to, now the office isn't even sure IF they can book an appointment to patch this up and give me a new temporary crown? Just because I kept the temps and did not do what she told me to and see the oral surgeon she recommended to pull all my teeth out? So because I'm totally afraid and desperate to keep my teeth and still want to exhaust my options,... and because SHE said this front tooth should be just pulled out with all the rest,... because of this, I cannot get a repair job?

Even if I DID agree to dentures, it doesn't address the issue of a broken front tooth today...

This may sound like I'm bitter and griping but I really DO feel like she's punishing me,...if I won't get my teeth pulled then she won't be there to help me with temporary repairs.

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