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... especially if the wisdom tooth is impacted. I'm male and 40. ... (2 replies)
... I'm a 51 year old woman, and I have Lupus ... Fibromyalgia ... Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and MORE! Gosh... I'm falling apart! LOL!! ... (2 replies)
... ou are careful and don't get a dry socket most people are back to their regular self within a week. Good Luck.. Ask your oral surgeon some specifics about your tooth he may be able to put your mind at rest. ... (2 replies)

... Has anyone ever had appendicitis after tooth problems? ... (0 replies)
... Hello, I am 23 year old male. I had a tooth pulled a couple of years ago while in college and I never went back to the dentist. ... (4 replies)
... I am very sorry to hear that...In my sons case, he has a retainer with a front tooth attached, due to an accident earlier in life. He constantly looses that thing, even though it glows in the dark! ... (9 replies)
... Older people have harder bone. That is you might not give up that tooth like an 18 year old would. But don't be alarmed, you will be FINE. Just listen to your dentist, and keep a positive attitude. ... (7 replies)
... veryone here !!! This has been the most helpful site I have found in all my searching on the internet. This thread has all the information one might need for the year adjustment period after getting dentures. I'll will post again soon, after I have experiment with more foods. ... (132 replies)
... per year and that is already used up, so the money for this will have to come out of my pocket. ... (5 replies)
... Doing research on the internet, I have found numerous articles that say that plaque is a major contributor to gum disease. It hardens on your teeth, and infects your gums. The thing is, some people produce excessive plaque, some don't. They found people who brushed and flossed, and had a tremendous buildup, and others who never really took care of their teeth, and no... (27 replies)
... i am a 40 year old married mom of 2 kids. i had a dentist decide to root canal ALL my back teeth a few years ago... ... (1 replies)
... I took my daughter for an exam last year... she had just gotten her braces off. The dentist recommended that I have all her molars sealed, for a price of $40 per tooth... Is this common practice?? She actually has never had a cavity, except for that day (IRONICALLY), they filled the cavity then put a sealant on it... $90.00 for the white filling and sealant.. :eek: I... (6 replies)
... In the past year I have been experiencing problems with my teeth that I have never had before, such as cracking and fracture lines in various teeth. ... (0 replies)
... And the Continuing education classes that every dentist must take every year to maintain their license. Do you know how much those cost? ... (20 replies)
... front teeth, all the way to the left side of my mouth, about 5 adult teeth, then empty space. From the two front teeth to the RIGHT, I have no adult teeth. The tooth immediately next to the front on the right rotted and had to be pulled. ... (3 replies)
... should have been from the start, bad teeth run on both sides of my family and apparently I was cursed by getting poor teeth full on. When I was about 5 I broke a tooth eating a butter finger bb, I never touched one after that. ... (0 replies)
... the filling had fallen out, not intense pain like a toothache, but I could not lay on that side to sleep. I mentioned the pain to my dentist, and said that the tooth is hard to keep clean. I was told the pain could be from holding my mouth open for the cleaning, to take Ibuprofin. The TMJ joint was checked and it was fine. ... (3 replies)
... First of all if your teeth hurt there must be some infection makeing them hurt.The infection is BACTERIA and it has waste just like any liveing thing.The waste is posion and can affect your whole body.Alot of dentist do not know how bad these bacteria can affect your health for some reason.Do yourself and find one that dose.If the bacteria gets in your blood stream it can eat... (8 replies)
... needed, and I knew I needed one crown in a tooth with a previous root canal so I went for it. ... (8 replies)
... I'm no doctor, but you seem to be in chronic toxicity from that jaw and tooth that some idiot left in your head for some unknown reason. ... (3 replies)

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