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Help!! The pain!!
Sep 8, 2006
I have had a terrible fear of dentists for years and because of that my teeth have suffered. I have recently found a dentist that I actually like and we are fixing things slowly but surely. My question is, my front upper tooth has had extensive cavities and subsequent fillings, the fillings fall out and then decay again and then we refill. About 5 days ago I started with a dull aching in this tooth and now 5 days later I wish I was dead. The pain is throbbing and does not let up even for one second. I can count my heart rate in the pulse that I feel in my tooth, the pain is actually now up into my upper lip and going up into my left nostril area. My lip is actually visibly swollen and I don't know how much more I can take! I called my dentist (who of course is out of town) and his hygienist told me that I need a root canal which I already knew. I have no insurance money to cover a $800.00+ root canal at this time so I basically begged for an antibiotic, which they prescribed Penicillin. I've had 3 doses so far (500mg each) and have not noticed anything improving yet. Is there anything else I can do for this? I can't eat....I feel like crap. Advil doesn' touch it. If I even tap the tooth with my tongue or with food it almost sends me to the moon. I'm miserable! Help....anyone have any other suggestions while I wait for this antibiotic to kick in!!?? Thanks!!!

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