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I have been referred to a Periodontist becase I have some deep pockets which measure a 6. I am not having any pain or bleeding. One Dr. made it sound like WOW, I am so glad you found me and wants to do a root scaling and laser surgery, all in one appointment to the tune of $1,400. He said I would be on soft food and antibiotics for about 1 week....I got a second opinion from another Dr. where I spend my winter months. He is Board certified and agreed that root scaling and laser surgery is recommended and his charge will be $3,800. I am floored at the difference in cost. The less expensive Dr is where I spend my summer months and I won't be in that area until June, 2007.

I have 2 questions.....1) - what should I expect with Laser surgery in regards to pain, going on soft diet for a week, antibiotics, etc. 2) Do you suppose since I am not having any symptoms of peridontal disease that I would do just as well with having just the root scaling done? I really don't have $3800 for this unless it is an absolute necessity. I am 65 years old and have been having my teeth cleaned every 3 months for the past 15 years....I don't understand how my "pockets" could get that deep.....AND are pockets that measure 6 really that bad? It's only a few teeth, not all of them at measure this depth....
Any information will be helpful in helping me make this decision.

Thanks everyone.

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