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This may sound pretty strange, but earlier today when i was brushing my teeth, I saw a little pink in my toothpaste. I thought it was because I've been sick for a while and have been forgetting to eat well, especially since it is finals week. But the pink wouldn't go away. Then it turned into red. No matter how many times I swished water around my mouth, there was blood in whatever came up. After this inspected my gums and everything was in perfect order, but the stitch sites where I had my wisdom teeth removed this past July were bleeding. This is strange because I thought that I would have healed completely by now and shouldn't have to worry, but the two lower extraction sites have been bleeding lightly pretty much all day. I can taste the blood on the back of my tongue.

Has this ever happened to anyone else following oral surgery? I had my teeth extracted in July which is why I'm worried. Perhaps should I arrange for a doctor's appointment if this isn't gone by tomorrow morning? It's odd because I brush at least twice a day and floss in the

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