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I've also developed a lot of body aches. I think I may have fibromyalgia, or possibly it's just anxiety. I can't deny that I do believe anxiety can cause a lot of my problems. I mentioned on my other post on the TMJ board that my shoulders are tensed a lot. I will think about it and notice that I am very tense in my shoulders. I have also been having shooting pain under my arms, in my armpits, for almost 2 months on and off, and am wondering if it's from having my shoulders so tensed. When I push on areas under my arms, my top ribs are sore to the touch. I also have lumps on my abdomen that are tender or hurt when pushed on. I've had GI problems for over a year, which started this whole horrible spiral of health anxiety. Didn't have this problems before that, but I did start having panic attacks a few months before that. I think I may go get anti anxiety meds and see if that helps, I'm just scared it will cause worse depression, as I know that can be a side effect.

My husband rubs my shoulders very hard for me, and it feels really good as they are always sore. There are definately knots on my shoulder muscles that he rubs. I am thinking of going to the chronic pain massage place for a deep tissue massage, although his are pretty good so it may not be any better.

I don't notice my tongue going from tooth to tooth. My sensitivity is definately on my gum, or soft tissue area behind my lower, back tooth. I do move my tongue to my problem areas sometimes to feel them, which I probably shouldn't do because it makes me worry more. My face is not assymetrical. I blame my mom smoking while she was pg! ;)
I also had braces for 3 years as a teenager ( almost 20 years ago) for underbite and my bite was off side to side so I had rubberbands. I do have lumps on my jaw that I can feel through my cheeks, had those checked out last year by an ENT. But this new lump I'm talking about is in my mouth, on the floor of my mouth below my front teeth to the left side. It doesn't move or hurt. Maybe it's always been there and I never noticed. I just don't know if others have different feeling bone structure in their mouths too, where it doesn't feel symetrical on both sides.

How do you find a homeopathic dentist? I'm worried about the cost too.

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