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I go back to my dentist in about 10 hours, its 3:30AM here but I honestly can not sleep.. why? My jaw is throbbing.. absolutely THROBBING pain. Here's what happened...

Thursday, October 19 I had my top right wisdom tooth removed. Extraction was perfect. Even after the Novocaine wore off, I had no pain at all. This tooth came out in one piece, only took about 5 minutes to do. (Back in April I had my lower two wisdom teeth removed and they had to come out in pieces due to being impacted).

Thursday, October 26, one week later I was scheduled to have my top left wisdom tooth removed. I should say right off the bat that my teeth are also kind of.. deformed. My roots are extremely long, thin as toothpicks and curly.. so the extractions are always tricky. After just a few minutes, my dentist pulled out my whole tooth.... or not.

I hear him say "Ahh... a piece of one root broke off". I can't blame him, he's a wonderful oral surgeon... absolutely the best. But since my roots are so deformed... the tiniest piece of one root was stuck up there. It took about 30 minutes of digging around in my jaw to get it out. When he showed it to me, I could NOT believe how small this piece of root was! I want to say it was a centimeter long, but I don't even think it was that long! Maybe half a centimeter? It's amazing that he was even able to get it out. He told me he could have left it in, but some people have problems when a piece is left in there and he didn't want to chance it.

Well my face swelled up pretty badly, it didn't swell at all for the other 3 extractions. I also immediately felt the pain.. even with the novacaine still working. I've been back there three times since that day, trying to figure out why I am still in such extreme pain. I already was told I had a TMJ problem, but that's not what it feels like exactly...

So in addition to the complicated extraction, I also developed a MOUND of canker sores.. at least 8 of them, all on top of each other right where the tooth was removed, but not on my gums.. they were on my cheek.

Now... where the canker sores were, I was feeling around and there's a lump in there. I can move it around a little bit. It's not too soft, it's not too hard.. it's tough to explain. I'm pretty sure that is where the pain is radiating from. I'm just confused if it's maybe an abscess (I took antibiotics... I keep my mouth clean also, and my dentist saw no pus or anything in my mouth) or just TMJ (The pain has radiated up my face and into my head.. even giving me a migraine type of headache on one side of my face).

Have any of you had a canker sore problem where there was an actual lump inside of your skin? There's no sore on the outside anymore... I don't get that 'burning' feeling you get when you touch a canker sore.. it's just an aching pain instead.

I'll know, I'm sure, in about 10 hours when I go to the dentist.. but I can't sleep, and I really wanted to just write about this and maybe get some advice for now :) I was given instructions on how to deal with TMJ, and I've done EVERYTHING. Moist heat... chewing on that side... soft foods... not opening mouth wide... taking Tylenol every few hours (I was actually given Oxycodone for the pain, but only enough for 2 days at a time and I used the last one LAST night.. and now I can't get to sleep!)... I've tried everything! I'm starting to think it's not TMJ after all.

Any thoughts?
I had my wisdom teeth taken out about 2 weeks ago and seem to have the same bumps/sores on my cheek as you're describing. they don't really hurt, they're just uncomfortable. they're also on my cheek not my areas where my teeth were removed. it doesnt have pus or anything either. i'm gonna give it a couple more days to go away before i go to the dentist. hopefully everything will eventually go away!

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