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Mar 14, 2008
I'll first admit, I went to a dentist for the first time in years for a cleaning last summer. No cavities, but I was told I did have gingivitis.

Since that time, I've been diligent about brushing. The dentist had noticed below one of my lower teeth, a white bump showing on the gums. He asked if it was painful. It wasn't. It almost looks as though the gum is thin in this area, and that my bottom of the tooth is showing through. Never hurt, never really gave it much thought.

It hasn't changed in months, however a new problem came up. Skip ahead a few months, and after a diagnosis of MS, I've been on steroids since February 29th to bring down the inflammation associated with MS. I noticed a few days ago that the gum area directly between my middle two lower teeth looks almost like it has receded, and is redder than the rest of the gums around. It isn't painful, however I'm obviously concerned about it.

Now I am left wondering who I should be approaching about this. A doctor or a dentist? I've read about possible gum problems associated with MS. I'm still unsure if it is the disease or drugs associated with treatment that can be linked to gum problems. In any event, I am wondering if I should begin flossing regularly (I don't want to cause a bigger issue than is already present), using mouth wash to possibly help kill bacteria that is affecting that area, or going a drug route (if available) to deal with the new area, and the other area where the white bump shows.

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated. I don't have any known deficiencies or blood problems beyond MS. I had 11 vials of blood work done during my MS diagnosis, and autoimmune diseases were checked, as well as things like thyroid and vitamin deficiencies.

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