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... I also am having problems 6 months after root canal. I got the root canal because I had a crown put on back molar after a piece of tooth fell out after eating something soft. It never felt fully comfortable. Like I needed to floss behind the tooth. ... (51 replies)
... pain and some throbbing on back tooth i ha d aroot canald on 6 months ago. when i press on the crown there some pain. what can be causing this 6 months after the procedure? ... (51 replies)
... already had a gold crown on it and had root canal on same tooth about 15 yrs ago. Root canal went fine this time, they got to the bottom of the root. However my tooth still hurts. ... (1 replies)

... on the other board also.....Your story really hits home, sounds a lot like mine. Except my tooth is noticible in the morning and I can't feel the biting surface after that unless I touch it , suck in air , or GOD forbid, eat on it! I am also furious about "modern" dentistry! ... (51 replies)
... I had a root canal about 1 mo ago. Since then I have had intermittent but mostly daily retractable pain in my right jaw. ... (51 replies)
... I have biting pain in the one tooth and occasional ear or gum discomfort. ... (51 replies)
... I totally understand your pain and frustration!! ... (51 replies)
... Hi, thanks for the reply.....Why is the endo wanting to do an apio first and not a root canal redo where they open the tooth, take out the filling and check for cracks and missed canals? ... (51 replies)
... I had a similar problem and I went to the guy who did my root canal and he said that he didn't see any infection. But he decided that if it was hurting then there was probably something wrong. So he did a root canal retreatment. ... (51 replies)
... I had a root canal on my bottom molar with my dentist 6 months ago, he could only do two canals and he sent me to a specialist to have the other two done. ... (10 replies)
... Wow, I never realized how many other people out there had problems with their root canals. ... (51 replies)
... I feel so bad for all of you. I haven't been here in a long time. I have been fighting osteomyelitis of my jaw for four years. It all started with a tooth, root canal, apico, pulled it, infection. The root canal was infected and it spread when it was pulled. I always felt better on antibiotics. ... (51 replies)
... captain...I am so sorry for the pain and dscomfort you are in. It sounds like you've done everything 'right' in trying to resolve your situation. ... (51 replies)
... We were struggling with the same kind of pain syndrome. ... (51 replies)
... mama, your pain sounds like the pain I had after my root canal over 3 years ago. I have been told that my pain is muscular, all the muscles are in spasm and it can feel like a tooth ache. I've been on muscle relaxers and this eases the pain. ... (51 replies)
... It's funny you say that SuzyQ, but I had a muscle severed when the wisdom tooth next to my problem tooth was pulled. I had the original root canal before this happened but the retreatment and apico took place after. I have been wondering the whole time if it could be the muscle and not the tooth. ... (51 replies)
... Hi Maria - Wow you and I have almost the EXACT same issue!!! Do you get headaches as well at end of day? I do, and have attributed it to "TMJ" - I will add that I had an MRI (finally got insurance to pay for it) and I have even had various opinions on THAT! It is truly amazing. I had braces as a kid - and all the trauma and tooth pulling I had back then, caused one of... (51 replies)
... HI I saw the oral surgeon recently and even though the exam was not as thorough as I would have liked. It is his opinon that this is probably a cracked tooth. Explained how so much of this dental stuff is hit and miss, no easy way to dx etc. I knew all this but it doesn't help all that much when you are the one with the problem. He said I wouldn't need an implant since it is... (51 replies)
... he apio is and the consensus is, like most dental work, you are numbed up and it does not hurt. I'm sure it is sore and maybe swollen afterward but you would get pain relievers and instructions. Good luck to you. Have any of your doctors thought about a neuralagia as the possible cause? ... (51 replies)
... tomorrow go smoothly and that your tooth pain will finally be resolved. Please keep us posted on your recovery. Best of luck. ... (51 replies)

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