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Background: I've never been to a dentist in my life (I'm 15 now.). When I was younger, I'd have to beg my parents for toothbrushes and toothpaste. At some point, I gave up because they just stopped buying it for me. As of late, I've been asking to be taken to a dentist, but it's just not going to happen... I haven't seen a GP in a long time either [I've only seen my Ndoc for epilepsy](and I can't find a free clinic or any walk-in that works with my [crappy] insurance either), so I really have no medical professional to ask this stuff to. As such, I really ask you to forgive my ignorance.

Anyway, I've been experiencing some jaw pain for a long time. Sometimes it would get so bad that I'd get extreme headaches with the jaw pain, and feel febrile. Due to the fever-like symptoms, I figured I had wisdom teeth coming in. And it felt as such; I felt a pressure pushing under my molar (on my right lower jaw, which is where the bulk of the pain came from). The nerves in my teeth were also extremely sensitive, but I've amounted that to being just the teeth rotting. My parents' solution was giving me percocets from my dad's heart surgery (which didn't really help in doing much but knocking me out).

Anywho, that back molar on my right side has been coming off in chunks of teeth, and it feels like there's something underneath it, be it just swollen tissue or an actual wisdom tooth. There's no longer any of the extreme pain, but instead I find that there's this lump under where the molar is/was that hurts a bit when pushing the lower jaw. (It also hurts quite a bit when I open my mouth too wide... It makes eating very difficult at times.) It's noticable if you can compare the sides of my jaw; one is strongly defined (German genes..), and the other is very soft, due to the lump under my jaw.

Should I be worried about this? Don't tell me to visit a doctor, I'm working on it (hint: the plan involves turning 18, but keeping an active eye open in the meantime and hoping something turns up). I just need to know if I should look out for symptoms that would indicate a need for emergency care. Plus, if there's any home remedy for it, it'd be nice to have my boyfriend be able to caress my cheek without me saying "ow". ;P

Thank you very much for your time.

- Allison

It just occured to me that the softness of face could be due to weight gain. I've remained a static 110lbs for the past two years, though. Thanks.

Hehe, something else occurred. No, the lump wouldn't be caused by any trauma during seizure because although the official Dx is "seizure disorder NOS", we're suspecting juvenile myoclonic. Myoclonic seizures are jerks of certain muscle groups, and it's typically in my arms/legs, never the face unless it's a complex partial seizure.

Also, I haven't seen my Ndoc in forever either (10 months?) due to the laziness of my parents and the lack of friends that drive on my part, so I haven't been able to ask her about the lump thing either. The lump has become more prominent in the past 2/3 months or so. Thanks.

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