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I am 35 and have had an underbite for as long as I can remember. The front of my top teeth are about 1 or 2 mm away from the back of my bottom teeth when I bite together. I am able to move my jaw back enough so that the tips of my teeth come together but no more. Can I ask what my options would be and what I should expect please ?

Many thanks

You have two options:

1) You can get jaw surgery. Its a procedure where they break your jaw and move it back, then they shut your mouth with a wired for a while (you would be on a liquid diet). After surgery you would then get braces. Hopefully you have Kaiser or a good insurance that covers the jaw surgery.

2)Just go to orthodontics and they might be able to correct with braces alone assuming your under bite isn't too severe. I had this done myself since I had a slight underbite back in highschool. They removed some back teeth from my lower jaw, then I was on rubber bands for a while while my teeth got pushed back.

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