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Couple days ago I woke up and one side of my mouth bothered me, especially when I smiled. I figured it was my wisdom teeth. I touched it today and there is a lump under my gum, towards the bottom. It is about the 4th tooth from the back, one i had a root canal on almost a year ago. It is not directly under, the lump is really low. It hurts when I apply pressure and it is not visible. I thought maybe it would be my wisdom tooth roots but can they possibly grow this long? The lump is about the size if a pea, maybe a little bigger. Do I go to the dentist or a specialist?
Does the lump feel jagged? like a tooth is growing underneath?
If so then it is your wisdom teeth. If no, then it could be an infection.
Either way go and get a checkup, they will tell you, what you need to know.

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