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I fell off a ladder today, fortunately a nice soft pickup truck broke my fall. :rolleyes: One of my worst fears has happened - I broke my front (top) tooth clean off. It doesn't hurt at all, surprisingly, but now I look like a hobo.

First of all, I'm curious what a dentist might do in a situation like this? What is involved in replacing an entire front tooth? Is that what a crown is for?

My bigger problem; however, is for me going to the dentist is like asking a four-year-old to go shake hands with the monster under his bed. I haven't been in at least 15 years.

I've been seeing a psychiatrist about a depression/anxiety problem and the dentist is about a 50 on an anxiety scale of 1-10 for me. I'm wondering if it would be inappropriate to ask the psyc. doc for a one time prescription of something *MUCH* stronger to help me not have a panic attack at the dentist's office? Or should I leave that kind of thing up to the dentist, and find one that specializes in freaked out patients? I've heard about "sleep dentists" before, is this something normal insurance might cover?

I know it probably won't hurt much, if at all, but I have some horrible memories of going to the dentist as a kid and they are permanently burned into my mind. :mad:

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