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Hi I am a 39yr old female with wisdom tooth issues, I thought they give you issues when you are in your twenties not when you are almost 40.
I strated having pain the lower left hand side at the back next to where a wisdom tooth is trying to come out. I went to one dentist who had a look the gum right at the back it looked like an abcess he perscribed amoxocyline which didn't help and I was in a lot of agony at the end he had to cut the gum drain infection and also perscribe metrodinazole. The pain went away and again 4 weeks later I could see that it is starting, so went to see another dentist since the first one wasn't sure what caused it. This one took once of those x-rays from around the mouth and said it is the way that the wisdom tooth is trying to come out and that is why I have another infection I was given metridinazole again and the infection cured now 2 weeks later again the back gum and around the wisdom tooth area there is pain and sligt redness, but I also have a swollen gland very hard under my ear.
The dentist has said that he showed it to the surgeon that does the extraction for them and he has confirmed that I need it extracted.

I am a person with health anxiety and get very scared about any kind of lump or swelling is the lump under the ear common with wisdom tooth issues?
I would appreciate your reply. I am due to go away on holiday in 2 weeks and will have the tooth extracted when I am back, but before I go ahead I wanted to be sure that recurrent infections and the swollen node un the ear is common with the wisdom tooth?

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