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Hey people,

Im 19 years old, a daily smoker, drink on occasion. I know i need dental care as my teeth are so yellow now but just 2 days ago i started feeling pains.

I felt as though the right side of my jaw was a bit stiff, the muscle at the back felt swollen and it was discomforting to open. When i chew there was a slight pain. It keeps going away and coming back. Its back now and i can feel it slowly getting worse.

Im scared if its mouth cancer? Or could it be my wisdom tooth?

the thing is there is a small white lump at the back of my molar, attatched to my gums, its a small not too hard but not too soft lump. i can move it around but its attatched to my gums like i said. Its causing me pain when i chew like its taking over the whole right side of my jaws.

Can anyone tell me what this is?


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