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I very recently started taking a weight loss supplement that gave me severe dry mouth and I ended up getting oral thrush two days later because of it. I first noticed the sides of my tongue had white curd like patches but they didn't hurt or bleed. I immediately began gargling with warm salt water, brushed, flossed and scraped my tongue after and in between meals 3-5 times daily and also used Biotene dry mouth mouthwash through out the day to help retain moisture and ate plain unsweetened yogurt with active cultures whenever I snacked. Within 36 hours the white lesions were virtually gone yet I still had dry mouth even after drastically increasing my water intake. Also I have stopped taking the supplements but only as of yesterday.

So I actually have a few questions that I can't find answers to.

Since the lesions on my tongue are no longer visible does that mean the oral thrush is gone/cured?

Are my symptoms of bad breath, sensitive teeth, gum bleeding/inflammation* and a metal like taste in my mouth (which comes back almost immediately after brushing) due to the oral thrush, dry mouth or possibly both? If both, will the medication cure these symptoms even if they are not due to the oral thrush which the medication is solely intended to cure? NOTE: These symptoms began approximately 24-36 hours after the tongue lesions dissipated.

Once I finish my oral thrush prescription (that I just began taking today...Nystatin oral suspension) and assuming it treats and cures my oral thrush will it also cure the excessive dry mouth (which is what caused the oral thrush)?

How will I know that the oral thrush is cured since the white lesions aren't visible (as I have never had this infection before)?

What should I do/take if the medication does NOT cure the dry mouth?

And IF I decide to use the supplement again (this time taking only 1 pill every other day vs. the 2 pills i was taking daily) AND do not get dry mouth again, can the oral thrush still come back?

*my gums are inflamed in certain areas not everywhere. Also I use a brand new toothbrush daily disposing of the previous one just to be extra safe. They are all soft bristle. Yet every time I brush my teeth there is always a large amount of blood when I go to spit/rinse. NOTE: I already had sensitive gums before the oral thrush but have never seen this much blood drawn due to simple brushing.

And last but not least in the time that I am waiting to be fully cured, is there anything I can drink/eat to provide more moisture to my mouth to help with the uncomfortable feeling of dry mouth? Aside from a lot of water?

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