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Hello guys, just wanted to say that I got a Gingival Flap Surgery (I think) yesterday and now I'm on the healing process. Quite a painful exp I must say. Even with the numbing of the area I still felt pain, one injection was made inside the mouth right on the left side of the cheek (one of the longest needles I have EVER seen in my entire life and the other injection (much smaller needle was made into the gum area.) The procedure lasted about 20 mins, after that the oral surgeon stitched up the area. Its something that I do not wish to go through ever again. I really do hope this solves my problem this time. If this does not solve my problem then I have no choice but to just get rid of the tooth. This is been going on already for almost 2 months now. Medications that I am taking right now are Chlorhexidine and Clindamycin (300mg), I was told not to chew and brush in that area for 6 days.

However during the last 24 hours I find it extremely hard to keep that area clean. I try my best to not get any food in that area while chewing but it just seems inevitable that a couple of fragments of food will get stuck to it. As of right now the area looks kinda ugly when I look in the mirrior, there seems to be some greyish sticky gonk around the surgical area. I'm not sure if this is some paste that the oral surgeon put around the surgical area for protection or if its food that is setting in around the area. I want to thank everyone for all the help that was given to me. I'll update here on any changes... thx so much again to everyone! :bouncing:

EDIT: I've noticed that I've got a rather LARGE sized lump on the INSIDE of my cheek, right along the jawline. Its not visible at all on the outside but I certainly can feel it when I take my hand and feel it out. Anyone know if this is a common thing after a Gingival Flap Surgery? thx again for any information.

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