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I turned 25 yrs old in March this year. I've never had my wisdom teeth come in, I almost just assumed they had already and without complications. "lucky".

Earlier this year I started feeling a slight hard thing back behind my molars on my top teeth. It kept getting food stuck in that area, I'd be tongue-ing at it for minutes at a time just to get food out. I looked really well in a mirror with my mouth wide open, hand pulling one cheek side out and I saw the white tooth.

Okay, so my top wisdom teeth are finally coming in, great. no problem.

Over the last several months up til now, one tooth has stayed the same and hasn't come out further at all, its still just showing itself.
The one on the other side of my mouth, however, has kept coming out slowly.

It still isn't "fully" out I believe, because it's only out about half the amount of my molar. I'm guessing it's supposed to be close in length protruding as the molar...

I haven't had any pain whatsoever this year from these two wisdom teeth, I didn't even feel them "pop" through my gums,,, they were just "there".

Two days ago my mouth was a little sore on my right wisdom tooth, (the one that has come out half way).

I've had mouth sores before once in a long while and they just go away, so I didn't think anything of it. I thought maybe I tmj'd my upper cheek with that new wisdom tooth that my cheek hadn't been used to or something.
So I tried to keep my mouth still when I went to bed that night.

I woke up the next day, (yesterday) and the pain was still there.

I went on with my morning, Chick-fil-a drive thru :D, got to work, started to eat my biscuit, and realized it was hard to open my mouth.
It hurt to eat my biscuit, it was almost difficult to even enjoy it :( I love Chick-fil-a!

So that started to both me. Why is my jaw sore and harder to open?

lunch time comes around. I get a cheeseburger. Have same slight difficult time eating it /enjoying it.

During the rest of the day my throat is sore, sore like I have strep throat, not like when food burns your mouth. It's also kind of hard to swallow, and almost hurts when swallowing.

I also realized my lower jaw under my jawline was sore as well.

at 4 o'clock I got home from work and started researching all of these symptoms.

I have found stuff saying it could be "compacted" and my wisdom teeth need removed asap. this link was very similar to my symptoms:

So I start worrying, got to my wife's work at 5 o'clock to pick her up, and told her all of this. She had some doubts, since I always over-exaggerate when it comes to illness and myself:dizzy:

I took 4 ibuprofen. got home. She looked up some info on the subject.
If it's a infection it can get worse and spread to my brain and kill me she says to me. ... .:eek:

Today I woke up and my symptoms are still all present, but maybe a little less painful in every place. but maybe as the day goes on they all get worse, kind of like they did yesterday?

So.... I have no insurance.

It's Christmas in like 3.5 weeks.

Don't have the cash to get my wisdom teeth pulled.

wife just got a promotion at work so we most likely will not qualify for any "free" teeth pulling clinics...

What do I do? Do I take some more ibuprofen today and see if the pain just goes away by tomorrow?

Do these things ever just work themselves out? like in cave man days ? lol.

What if my impacted tooth just fixes itself? is it impacted for sure or is it a canker sore on my cheek causing all of these symptoms?

or do all these symptoms only happen from a impacted tooth?

What if I take more ibuprofen, and tomorrow the pain is gone, but there's still an infection, and a month later I die ?

At this point I'm just scared. I don't know what to do.... I just don't want to die lol.

If I have to have them pulled, I'll just have to figure out some way to get the money. maybe try to get a loan. We don't have any credit....

Should I go see a dentist? I don't have a dentist. How much will that cost just to see one?

And how much will I expect to pay for the pulling of 4 wisdom teeth? the top two as I said are present, the bottom two I've never seen/felt. maybe they're already in? maybe they're stuck underneath ?

thanks, I'm very excited to see replies.

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