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im checking in to say over the past few days my morale has lifted a little bit. i have not been thinking about my teeth as much. i still catch myself doing it a few times a day but for the most part alot of these random pains which i been having all around my mouth have diminished to just a few pains (they have been all around my mouth bottom and upper, thought it was maybe from an infection)i tihnk from me not concentrating on my teeth so much. march 19th i get the permanent crown on 1st root canal and hopefully a couple days after i get the temp for the 2nd on. that leaves me with the missing tooth, im going to see if i can have a false tooth on a retainer there until i can get somthing done so the tooth dont climb out the gums. i can say im still not over it, still get negative thoughts from time to time throughout the day but nowhere nearly as much. it will take time and patience. i still get the random what feels like my pulse or heart beat by the root canal i thought i was going to loose but im thinking there maybe a blood vessel and a ligament right up next to it that i feel it. still have a slight sensitivity occasionally on the temp crown from really cold water but hopefully tht will go away with the permanent. ive been sleeping better abd feeling a little better about myself. i just need to put my mindset that the rest of my teeth will last me that way they do and i can think about the good things i have. still a bit scared and nervous, but trying to turn myself around. (trying to also get the negative thoughts out of my head about for some reason thinking my gums are deteriorating as well -_-)

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