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I recently fell on the ground and broke my front two teeth. One teeth broke in half and the other one chiped but still looks back. The teeth that chipped from the croner also came up. A tooth that is beside the half broken teeth also moved a bit. And onn my lower teeth .. under the middel one there is a red line .. its not bleeding and the teeth seems strong but there is a slight pain. I went to the dentist, he has started a root canal on my half broken teeth. What will happen now? He said that he will put a cap on my half broken teeth. But i think my teeth might a bit small to hold a cap .. im not shure. And will he be able to move my teeth back so i dont have trouble closing my mouth. After oberving my teeth it seems like even if he is able to move my teeth back.. my botteh teeth might interfer with my top teeth when i close my mouth. its been 6 days since my accident. What will hapeen? will i able to eat a apple ever again? Please help.. will i get my smile back?

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