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... at hurts and he showed me on the xray the tooth that I think I got pus out of and it did indeed show a dark area at the end of the root and he showed me where an abcess was in process. ... (1 replies)
... ould be in her mouth for a few more years so filled it. Up until then there had been no problems. After being filled, it seemed to get very sensitive, then her gum was sore. I saw her gum was getting inflamed and next thing this giant lump appeared. ... (0 replies)
... K CLV 500mg .. both of them 3 times a day.. I am 48 hours into the meds, the swelling has gone DOWN but the abcess is still there.. it's like a big bump right along the bottom of my cheek near the jaw.. it's AGGRAVATING! ... (1 replies)

... l. It's very important to get on antibiotics as soon as possible. I recently had a root canal which has abcessed and it's very painful. I have a blister on my gum and swelling on that side of my face and neck. ... (2 replies)
... psuedotumor cerebri which can be caused by an infection. My optic nerves are enlarged and I have been experiencing double vision periodically. I have a gum abcess that I have been too stupid and now ashamed of not taken care of it. On top of the abcess I have several broken teeth. ... (4 replies)
... I have a tooth abcess, it's swollen in the gum and my cheak is a little swollen.. I am on Amoxicillian 500mg and it worked for the first 3 days and then the abcess started to swell again.. I think it might be because I was on Amox for strep throat twice this year and maybe my body is rejecting it.. ... (2 replies)
... It feel so much better today, almost all gone. The only reason I am still thinking it was an abcess is because someone on the boards here said they do go away themselves but can come back. ? ... (15 replies)
... the end of my antibiotics I still had infection. I ended up going to the ER. I was put on double the dosage of antibiotics. Two doctors examined me. They cut my gum with a scalple to see if any pus would come out and very little did. ... (2 replies)
... I ended up in the ER yesterday because Friday I started getting dizzy, feeling unwell, and my heart is skipping about 3 times a minute. Very scary feeling! I went in and they hooked me up to a monitor, ran a strip, and told me that I'm ok, that skipped beats are very common and won't hurt me. He put me on Penicillin and told me to call my dentist first thing Monday morning... (6 replies)
... I am assuming that your doctor has put you on antibiotics for abcess if that is what is causing the pressure on your optic nerve. Hopefully that will help with the double vision along with the abcess. ... (4 replies)
... pimple like thing on my outer gum above my root canal mollar. ... (5 replies)
... D ....I have developed a abcess bump on the gum area in the back of my mouth where I had my wisdom tooth pulled out well over 10 years ago. It is causing ringing and this pressure feeling inside my left ear. ... (2 replies)
... pm I had a bit of pain in my gum behind my second front tooth on the leftside. ... (0 replies)
... or piece of dead bone, they said they need to cut the gum and see what it is and drill it out? ... (0 replies)
Chronic abcess
Dec 22, 2007
... I had a swollen gum a month ago. ... (3 replies)
... inch of the gum line. This work was done at dental school in . ... (3 replies)
Tooth abcess???
Jun 20, 2014
... I have this lump on my gum right by the base of the tooth where it goes into the gum. ... (1 replies)
Gum pain
Jun 23, 2008
... It could be pain radiating from other teeth or it could be the teeth above or below the area are gnawing the gum tissue since you are missing teeth in the area as well, correct? ... (1 replies)
Gum surgery
Jul 4, 2007
... I also suffer from gum disease and had to have periodontal surgery done last Saturday. The Doctor did not know until he was already doing the surgery that I would need a filler. ... (6 replies)
Red bump on gum
Jul 24, 2005
... oked at and he said he wasn't sure what it was. He is referring him to an endodontist but in the meantime gave him penicillin. I think this is what they call a gum boil, which is in fact some sort of abcess. My fiance as well has his lump on the gum area above where he had a root canal several years ago. ... (5 replies)

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