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... Hi All, I broke a portion of my bottom right middle molar a couple of months ago. There was no pain until last week when it started to ache. I went in for a cleaning and had the dentist look at it and she said I will need a crown. Took xrays-no sign of infection or abcsess. I made an appointment for the next week to get a crown buildup, but the next day the pain got pretty... (3 replies)
May 1, 2009
... Did he wear gloves? Did he clean your teeth? And In my opinion I don't think he caused it... Maybe you ate something that hit your gum and caused an infection. But if he says you need a root canal. Then I'm sure you need a root canal. Try brushing your teeth and keep up with flossing daily. (1 replies)
Apr 30, 2009
... My dentist replaced a filling about 4 weeks ago. It was an old filling and was not causing problems. I now have an infection. And the dentist says I need a root canal. Did the dentist cause this problem? Should I have to pay for the root canal? (1 replies)

... So I was diagnosed with an abcsess a couple of days ago, I was prescribed anti-biotics. I guess I just want to know how dangerous this really is to me? I have severe dental phobia and emetophobia so my only real option is IV sedation to have teeth removed. I need all 4 wisdow teeth out, and root canal work on another, if not just another extraction. I posted a question... (0 replies)
Starting to worry!
Dec 29, 2005
... two days later I went back because the abcsess was getting bigger again. was givin a different antibiotic's. ... (1 replies)
... Hello again... Thanks again in advance. I have to say, I am truly baffled by what is wrong with me. I am also extremely annoyed by healthcare individuals in this country...I received an SMS, can you believe SMS (I am still in shock at the lack of respect), from the so-called maxifacial specialist's nurse stating that he couldn't find anything wrong with my jaw on... (88 replies)
Jun 18, 2004
... Abcsess must be treated promptly. antibiotics at most will give you temporary relief, but they will NOT resolve the infection. If you continue using antiobiotics for an extended period of time without having a dentist clear the abscess off the bacteria may became resistant to them which will make matters worse. I'm not sure about the money issue... I guess everywhere it's... (12 replies)
... Not really. You don't want to mess with abscesses by yourself. You may need antiobiotics in addition to the deep teeth cleaning you seem to require. Even if you did drain the peripheral abcsess (just an example, DO NOT try it yourself, as this may release bacteria), you'd still need treatment to eliminate the underlying cause, which is usually an untreated tooth decay. ... (7 replies)
... Yes, waiting is not going to make this any better on its own. Teeth don't fix themselves and even if it's actually not infected now, the chances of that eventually occurring are pretty good. Why go through that? Broken wisdom teeth (almost always due to decay or problem with the tooth) happen all the time and that's usually what forces people who were lucky enough to keep... (2 replies)
... Hello, wisdom teeth can cause jaw problems. If you don't mind me asking how old are you. How far in are the wisdom teeth? Most people don't have room for there wisdom teeth and need them taken out. Even if there is room it's still a good idea to have them out. The other thing that it could be is if your grinding your teeth. Grinding you teeth can cause a disk to slip in the... (2 replies)
... About a week ago i broke off part of my stupid wisdom tooth and I'm pretty sure the nerve is exposed. It's so very painful! It even hurts to touch my ear and temple on that side of my face. But yesterday I woke up and the pain is gone. It's still tender, but not throbbing like it was before. Great, right? Not I can hardly open my mouth! I can't even open it far... (2 replies)

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