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... ing conclusive. The most I found as being conclusive is that it can cause future degenerative changes within the musculoskeletal structure but not limited to the jaw alone and only when the accutane was prescribed at high doses for prolonged periods. ... (15 replies)
... now if anyone is still following this thread but just in case...I just found this site today and this thread shocked me. I was told after 2 yrs of severe chronic jaw pain that I have Osteomyelitis. ... (15 replies)
... comment applies more to the Accutane concerns...I am just starting to do some initial research on the potential lingering side effects of Accutane for pregnant women. ... (15 replies)

... I'm actually doing some research on my own. I've been slowly losing bone in my jaw over a number of years with no explanation. I do not have gum disease. ... (15 replies)
... I've never been on accutane, but I have been on Retin A cream before. This was many years ago. Yes, I do have pain in my jaw, but I also have TMJ. My joint pops and clicks. My teeth do not meet together the right way so I always assumed the pain was because of my bite. But... all the research I see show that a bad bite does not cause bone loss unless there is inflammation... (15 replies)
... Oh my goodness!! I was wondering the same thing. I hope you are still around these boards and will see this post. Do you have osteomyelitis of the jaw? Did you take Accutane? (72 replies)
... I don't think they truly know the ramifications of previous accutane use. As far as a low does, how bad is your acne? ... (15 replies)
... Hi Susan, Thank you for the info. The test you mentioned, the CT scan, what is that exactly? I need to see a dental radiologist for that? So osteomyelitis and NICO are totally different things then? They sound similar to me. The surgeon I have been seeing actually brought up NICO to me, originally saying that's what he thought I had, now he's backtracking and saying he's... (15 replies)
... Wow, I am so so sorry to hear about your jaw problems. I will keep you and your baby in my thoughts and prayers!!!! ... (15 replies)
... Hi mentioned you have been loosing bone in your jaw over a number of years......did your dentist tell you this? If he did, did he provide you with any explanation? I think, and this being my own opinion, that as you age osteoporosis hits some of us harder than others and you will suffer bone loss all over. Also are you on any oral bisphosphonates like fosamax... (15 replies)
... Does anyone know if the drug accutane could cause this as well? ... (72 replies)
... Edited due to identifying information.. (15 replies)
... Hi again I saw your other reply to me first so am just responding here as well. Thank you for all your good thoughts and wishes for me and my little girl. To answer your question...the person who diagnosed me is a holistic based dentist who also specializes in laser dentistry. I found her b/c I was doing research on NICO which I am still not completely convinced I don't... (15 replies)
... I had basic blood work done at the start of my tmj symptoms and results were normal and did not warrant the more expansive testing plus I do not have any of the more common symptoms of thyroid related conditions however I did have female hormonal problems during my teens through my 20's and 30's but they seemed to level out the older I got. Make sure your ATCH is checked as... (15 replies)
... Thelma-Louise - Have you had your thyroid checked? Have you been checked for metabolic disorders? I also post on the thyroid board, and I met another gal on the board who also has bone loss and has lost several teeth. She is hyperthyroid and from what I understand, hyperthyroidism can cause osteoporosis (bone loss). I've had a basic thyroid check before, but my... (15 replies)
... Edited due to identifying information.. (15 replies)
... No. My dentist did not provide an explanation for the bone loss. I have seen many dentists, and they are at a loss as to why it is happening. Some have mentioned my bad bite. I have an open bite. I am seeing an endocrinologist and had a Dexascan for osteoporosis a few months back. It was negative. I am trying to rule out systemic disease and am going through a battery of... (15 replies)
... Edited due to identifying information.. (15 replies)

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