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... What a great post, glowing...thank you SO much. I didn't know about the tongue behind the teeth part and that the teeth should be apart! All these weeks I've been trying to keep my bottom molars on both sides touching! I am doing what you suggested and already feel relief! ... (29 replies)
... do not remove good teeth. That will cause other problems most especially TMJ. Having gone through years of dental work and a horrific past year with teeth I can assure you that I do understand the pain and the frustation. ... (29 replies)
... I have awful teeth and have suffered toothache in one place or other for many years. ... (29 replies)

... Haven't been able to get on here for a while-back ache as well I'm trying to get sorted. However, I finally have an appointment with a neurologist in June, after the doctor practically told me I was 'wasting time' trying to see one. I'll let you know if they find anything. I was told I had receding gums and to brush with a fluoride paste and also to rub it into the gums... (29 replies)
... and one or two of the opposing upper ones..sigh. My numbness from a nerve injury in January is starting to go away now...and has been replaced with aching teeth. ... (29 replies)
... Since December I have had aching teeth on my left side, also some jaw aching and now I am finding that I seem to be clenching my teeth during the day! I have also noticed that my right jaw joint clicks slightly. ... (6 replies)
... I was told a few years ago to have a 'deep root clean' and I hated it. It was so painful as my teeth were so sensitive, in the end she had to stop and I had to go back in again another day but have injections to deaden the nerves beforehand. ... (29 replies)
... I would recommend finding a new dentist, one who listens, and asking if your teeth show signs of grinding. If so, get a splint as soon as possible. ... (29 replies)
... well,it's not just the NHS ,that dont want to know its private sector as well.all theyre interested in is getting your money while your going back time after time they dont seem to be interested what could be causing it ,i think there should be a investigation into dentist ,and look into their books,and if they find a patient going back time after time ,and paying money after... (29 replies)
... can also cause toothache. Maybe something will show up they can do something about, I just want this endless toothache to stop. I did ask him "if I had the worse teeth taken out would it stop the aching"? ... (29 replies)
... I've read some of the posts on here and wonder if anyone has any ideas on my problems. I must have some of the worst ever teeth-or maybe worst dentists. I have had problems for many years-am now in my 50's but the last 3 years have been horrendous. Most of the teeth on the left hand side-both upper and lower have been aching non stop for about those 3 years-and two dentists... (29 replies)
... I hope somebody can help me! I have been having aching teeth for quite a while. My dentist said that my teeth are moving, which is in turn affecting my bite. The movement of the teeth is causing the pain. ... (3 replies)
... I never had problems with my teeth, there was about 10 years period of not seeing dentist when I was younger and the result was just two cavities, not more. However, one filling on my wisdom tooth caused a large piece of the tooth to fall off, which my dentist just filled up again. No pain afterwards. I. Now few years passed and suddenly, in the middle of a cold winter I... (0 replies)
... I have the same problem. It started 3 years ago as a mild teeth ache. It was like a throbbing sensation all day every day in all my teeth. It's not very painfull but it is present and anoying. The last 3 months it got worse. ... (29 replies)
... I can't get used to these posts moving-so sorry, I missed that you had already been to the neurologist. Mine asked me if I had problems with my sinus-well, what do I know? I just said "I don't think so", but he never checked or anything. I've had root canals done (3) some years ago, and never had sensitivity to hot and cold afterwards on that tooth. Maybe they missed a... (29 replies)
... now I feel pain only occasionally. I haven't had bad dental pain in quite a while now. I also have many teeth with deep fillings. I remember going back againa nd again to my dentist, and even specialists, only to be told nothing was wrong. ... (29 replies)
... <<>> I do agree with you, there needs to be some body of people that can investigate claims impartially, and then maybe we could all get improved teeth or less toothache-that would be good. No one is interested though-there must be too much money to be made in teeth and they don't want it to disappear-they don't seem to care about the patients anyway. (29 replies)
... and he said that it really doesn't show the nerve damage. However, he did note that I had a sinus infection in the left side of my sinuses. The problem with my teeth is on the right side so I don't think it is related to all the problems I have been having. ... (29 replies)
... sue, do your teeth ache all the time or mostly when you bite or chew on something? ... (29 replies)
... Thanks tmjhater for your post. The specialist I saw said it wasn't TMJD as there was no crackling when I opened my mouth-although my neck cracks all the time. I had 3 bottom teeth taken out which didn't help, but the dentist made me false ones to put there-which again, doesn't help. I go to see him again in 3 weeks, but I doubt he'll have any ideas- I don't grind my teeth,... (29 replies)

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