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Jul 21, 2004
... Help! I have to go get a counseltation for a APICO procedure today and I am worried. Has anyone had this done, and if so can I get some honest opinions of what it was like. ... (2 replies)
... I really hope that you get your problems sorted out soon-I hate all this toothache and no one seems interested enough to find out a cause. It's just "well, it's not this or that" but they don't want to find what it 'actually is' Nothing I take for the toothache seems to make any difference at all. How did the trip to the neurologist go? (29 replies)
... The root canal failed and had to go to a Endo dentist for a apico procedure, this too failed. ... (29 replies)

... friend who's a dentist and he said the filling was over filled and I needed a root canal on the canine tooth. Well, it failed so off to the endo I go to have a apico procedure. This also failed and the incision site was not healing properly. My dentist suggested that I have the apico redone which I did. ... (2 replies)
... Had an apico in Dec. 2010 and tonight I'm feeling the same pain and swelling as before the apico. ... (2 replies)
... wish I would have skipped the apico after the failed root canal and just did the implant then. ... (2 replies)
... might not be successful. Has anyone ever had an apico in the sinus before. I don't want to have the procedure done and then have complications. ... (1 replies)
... wrong tooth maybe? (1 replies)
... filling break off of my eyetooth and had it replaced. Started have pain shortly after and had a root canal in March 07. Root canal failed and ended up having a apico procedure on it by an endo doctor. In May I had another apico since the first one failed. Continued having pain and redness at the sight of the surgery. ... (1 replies)
... and the procedure itself didn't hurt at all. ... (5 replies)
Jul 21, 2004
... The procedure itself isn't bad. I had an apico done on a molar a year ago. It was a tooth that had had a root canal done and then abscessed. ... (2 replies)
Jul 21, 2004
... I have had two apico's on my front teeth. Neither one of them was all that bad of a procedure. To me, it wasn't as bad as having an extraction. I didn't have any pain afterwards, just follow post-op directions about applying ice. There was some swelling, though. The last one was done in December, 2003 and at my follow-up last month, the bone had already filled in. Looks... (2 replies)
... Oh, I just hate that it might be the same tooth that just underwent the apico procedure. ... (5 replies)
... having a root canal, the nightmare begins. The root canal failed so had a apico procedure this also failed so had it redone and failed again. Finallly had the tooth pulled and fitted with a bridge. ... (12 replies)
... Hi everyone! I am having an extraction and an implant put in on the same day next week. It is a lower front tooth that has already had a root canal(which failed) and an apico (which also failed) and now it must come out. I have chosen to do the implant surgery and have some faith in the procedure(or maybe just blind hope), the Dr. seems great although he is new to me. What has... (2 replies)
Extraction fear!
Jan 28, 2005
... Is it the same basic tooth removal procedure for a lower left bicuspid tooth? ... (7 replies)
... eb 07' and contined having gum soreness and pain behind the tooth that the other dentist wanted to root canal. I was sent to a Endo dentist in Mar 07' and had a apico procedure which failed. He redid it in Jun and it failed again. Finally, in August I had the tooth pulled and continued to have pain,burning and throbbing. ... (6 replies)
... You may have some "odd" sensations in that area for some time. When an Apicoectomy is performed, not only is the root tip surgically removed, but to get to the tip, bone structure must also be removed. There may be some sensitivity in this area until the bone regenerates. Additionally, if there was infection present in this area, a "pocket" may be remaining and change in... (4 replies)
Oct 4, 2009
... I had an apico a week and 3 days was the most painful procedure i ever had in my life. Afte the procedure it was so painfull that i could only be confortable after taking so many painkillers and being asleep for about 3 days. ... (16 replies)
... Is anyone familiar with with this procedure. I had crowns already placed in my top front teeth years ago. My dentist wants to perform an apico on one of them. He says he will drill a hole through the back of my crown to get to the abcess. Does this sound right? ... (3 replies)

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