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... The endocontist put me back on an antibiotic and it looks like my only option may be another apiocoectomy on my right front tooth. WHY have my root canals failed and is an overextended root canal malpractice? ... (14 replies)
... I had an apico about 3 weeks ago on tooth #7. Ever since then, it feels like the gums around that tooth are straining?? I still have slight pain when I press on the gum line above the tooth and around the area where the stitches were. I'm just curious how long does it take until "things get back to normal"? (14 replies)
... Hi, I just wanted to hopefully ease your anxiety. I have had 2 Apicoectomy (Apico) and I am about to have another. I have to mention that I am a Dental Phobic and get sick before I go to the dentist always,but I really am less nervous with going for this than I am going for a Root Canal. I have a pretty good sized Fistula on my # 22 tooth gum this time so I have to have it... (14 replies)

... I have had 3 apicectomies. The last one in 1980. For the patient whilst in the chair, the treatment is like a having a filling that takes a little longer than normal. You will be completely numbed up so just try to relax because its the dental surgeon that has to do all the work. They are aiming to remove the apex of the root together with any infection. You will be a little... (14 replies)
... This sounds exactly like me. Why did they do the RC to begin with? My back molar had a tiny filling and back in January it really began to hurt me. They found a small crack which they tried to bond and then fill - but i had more pain. Required a RC - and the Endo saw the crack and a ton of inflammation. I had a lot of pain after the first round of RC, back in my jaw as... (14 replies)
... They didnt put you out for the procedure? I know people who were put under light sedation and didn't feel a thing. (14 replies)
... I had an apicoectomy 5 months ago and it was the most terrifying thing I have ever had done. I was numb but the pressure was intense and it felt like my face was going to break. I would never go through it again. Not to mention that it did not fix the problem.... (14 replies)
... It is my upper front tooth on the right side - I believe they said it was number 8. I have had pain on and off for years and initially told dentists 10 years ago that it felt like something was stuck in my sinus right next to my nose on the right (this was shortly after having the first root canal). This most recent episode I started hurting really badly and they put me on... (14 replies)
... Katie, Which tooth is it? How soon after the root canal did you start to feel the pain? When did you find out it was over filled? Overfilled root canal on jaw bone could cause serious pain. How much it is overfilled and how close it is to your nerve beneath is important too. (14 replies)
... Yes, it resolved the has been two and a half years. It worked and there is no infection or pain at all anymore. So, here's hoping it lasts! (14 replies)
... HI--Thanks so much for your encouraging words--I am stressed--I would feel better about this if there was a very clear diagnosis--there is no infection, nothing visible on x-ray--it just throbs and aches intermittently all day (it's been 2 months since one and 3 months since the one next to it)--So apparently, the only way to investigate is to open them up! (I did take 2... (14 replies)
... I did take some pain meds, but only the first day. I was okay with Advil after that. The reason they do it is becuase your root canal has "failed." The root has become infected, so a lot of times you have a fistula, or a bump on your gums where it's trying to drain the infection. They need to go in and clean it out, put a filling on the root to keep your body from trying... (14 replies)
... hELLO-Thanks for the replies--did this surgery resolve the problem....whatever it was?? why was it necessary for you?.... we aren't sure WHAT's going on and why I am having this throbbing pain..I would be happier if we knew the exact problem and were going in to fix it.....and NO I will not be knocked out but hopefully very numb...but that doesn't help the anxiety!!!! Were... (14 replies)
... I've had it. It's NOT that bad. It's uncomfortable and not fun, but root canals are just as bad if not worse. The stitches are the worst part because they itch. But just insist on being knocked out...but I really didn't think it was that bad and I am dental PHOBIC. Just relax and try not to panic. It will be okay. Let me know if you have specific questions. Good luck. (14 replies)
... Hello--After 3 months of throbbing pain after 2 root canals, I am scheduled for this procedure on Wed....Anyone have some advice??? I have had this ongoing on and off everyday pulsating and aching for these months and the endo says this is the only way to look and see what 's going on (Had 2 rounds of antibiotics, acupuncture, etc.....) I have had it!--but I'm concerned that... (14 replies)

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