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... the tooth again. It seemed the antibiotic had eliminated the infection but she suggested that if I truly wanted to eliminate the infection, that I should have an apioectomy performed by a specialist because it seems that this infection will come and go. ... (0 replies)
... Greetings. I have to have an Apioectomy on #11 (eye tooth) I have had an abcess at the root tip for 3-4 months(swelling,pressure,but no real pain),I was on Antibiotics up to about a week ago. I am scheduled for this Apio in October,shouldn't I remain on antibiotics until then? Due to I have had numerous root canals, ect, and also the fact the just last week I had the root... (1 replies)
... This morning I had an apioectomy on #12. Two hours later I blew my nose and had the sensation that the entire side of my face filled with air. I looked in the mirror and the whole side of my face was really swollen and red. There was no swelling before this. I went back to the doctor and he said when I blew my nose, it forced air into the area of the surgery. That tells... (0 replies)

Oct 15, 2007
... wn and gave me 1200 mg of penicillin type medication to take for 10 days. If it is not better, I am to call him on Friday. The dental hygienist mentioned that an apioectomy might be needed where the gum is cut and the roots cleaned out. Is that done by an endo or a oral surgeon or are they the same? ... (1 replies)
... I also had a tooth that I had crowned, then had a root canal done, then a couple years done the road it formed a fistula on the gum. I had $1500 into the tooth, between the cost of the crown and root canal and the endodontist was recommending an apioectomy (another $450!). After discussing it with my dentist, I decided to have an implant, which is also costly, but a... (9 replies)
... the endodontist has recommended an apioectomy. I am wondering what is going to happen to me when i dont have this proceedure done as I just cant afford it right now. The tooth was root canaled, and crowned with a post setup. the pain is not in the tooth it is up above my eye tooth under my nose. the pain is tolerable at this time. thanks for any and all information! (9 replies)
... Hi! It seems like it may have been a failed apioectomy procedure. ... (5 replies)
... I had an apioectomy 20 years ago and had the tooth crowned.. ... (2 replies)
... Hello, I had a root canal done about a year ago on tooth #2, upper back molar. It never felt %100 right, it would hurt for a few days, then feel better, then start to hurt. It was fine for a few months, then suddenly began to hurt worse than it had before so I went to my dentist who referred me to an endo. The endo took some x-rays and said he saw a shadow,meaning... (1 replies)
Infected Root????
Feb 28, 2008
... Beginning on Monday afternoon, I developed the worst pain imaginable in the upper left side of my mouth. It started by the three piece bridge and went back to the wisdom tooth. The pain was so horrible that I couldn't sleep Monday night at all. I went to the dentist on Tuesday and he took a bunch of x-rays. He seems to think that I have an infected root where I had a tooth... (2 replies)
Oct 16, 2007
... It is usually done by an endodontist in his office. I have had several done with novacaine and they are not that bad. You might have some post surgery swelling and some discomfort, but it usually fixes the problem and you begin to feel better. Stay on the penicillan to fight the infection. They usually like to get the infection taken care of before they start the... (1 replies)
... I had a apioectomy scheduled two weeks ago. ... (6 replies)
... i am new to this forum. i, too, am having problems after a root canal. and the surgery mentioned has been suggested and i dont want to mess any further with this tooth. what i have found out...since there is a crown, could be decay at margin or anywhere that the endontist could not see or did not check for. could be an enlarged sinus-in my case that tooth has a long root... (9 replies)
... Thanks for the input! I am still working on solving the problem without having the tip of the root cut off... (9 replies)
... an apioectomy? I am scheduled for one a week from Tuesday and am getting a bit nervous. What do I have to look forward to? I am going to be taking a perscribed halicon before the procedure. I also teach kindergarten and am planning to go to work the following day. Is that feasible? TIA! Nancy (3 replies)
... To the user who said that a medical card that has low interest rates may be a good bet for the O.P.---what medical card do they have out there that covers anything dental related?? The only medical card I have ever been elligable for was sold to me as "health insurance" with a phone # to call to get a list of approved Dr's....(didn't include dental) but it turned out to be... (9 replies)
... My apicoectomy on my front two teeth was like $400 after insurance. They charged more becuase I insisted on going under. I'm afraid of the dentist. Alternative was to lose my front teeth (implants). The procedure wasn't fun, but it wasn't terrible. I don't remember the actual surgery, and recovery was mostly just annoying because of the sutures. Not the worst. Wisdom teeth... (9 replies)
... If you don't get an apicoectomy, when it is recommended by an endodontist, many bad things can happen to you. Infection, pain, etc... The cost for an apicoectomy is usually at least $1200 depending on which area of the country you live. If you cannot afford it, you may want to consider a medical credit card of some sort. They often have very low interest rates. (9 replies)
... That cost is incredible! I think I would try to get a second opinion if you could. I am going to be charged $170 and that's it. What did your dentist say about it possibly not working? They didn't tell me that part. I hate to go through this and spend the money, even though its not nearly as much as what they want to charge you, and then not have it work. When the... (9 replies)
... Yes I do have dental insurance and get this: my share after insurance is slightly more than 400.00! Endo guy is telling me the job will cost 900.00. I already have over 1300 invested in this one tooth and the though of pumping more money without any kind of proof that it will work really upsets me! First the dentist told me the root canal, post and crown would surely solve... (9 replies)

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