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... That's rough, does everyone have to wear their molar bands that long after their braces come off? ... (299 replies)
... HI there, When you enlist in the army, will still have keep paying your orthodontist whatever you might owe him. He gave you the braces and if you didn't pay him in full, he will continue to bill you. This is something you might want to discuss with him. You don't want to ruin your credit! ... (299 replies)
... Thanks for the info m2bozz and Ariom. So this means I can't go into the army until my braces are removed by the orthodontist in 2 years? ... (299 replies)

... Hello, My son also has braces. he was told by a Luitenant that he can't enlist untill there off..Sorry But check with your local recruiter. (299 replies)
... The arch expander only hurt my tongue and of course when it broke. There was some tingling but I think it was more from the braces. Did your orthodontist tell you what type of expander it was? ... (299 replies)
... ly all goes well. Still having minor pain in both jaws but still doing alright. If I had to do it all over again, I think I would still have joined the Air Force and I would have came in as an officer. You are treated some much better and get all the good trips. ... (299 replies)
... I currently wear braces. I got them on a few months ago, and I still have about 2 years in my treatment time left. I plan to enlist in the army this summer after I graduate. My question is what happens when I go in the military, with my braces? ... (299 replies)
... I ask because I want to join the army, but I want to make sure that's going to be the best fit for me, and not another branch of the military. ... (299 replies)
... I am feeling pretty good today. I was actually able to go running again and I ran 5 miles with really no pain. ... (299 replies)
... Unfortunately I was unable to make any orthdondonist consultations. I was really into networking with people today and next week I will be going to a job fair. Also I have setup one last final appointment with the oral facial pain clinic. ... (299 replies)
... You're so sweet. Thanks for reminding me this will all be worth it in the end. I'm glad you're feeling better today. That's great you were able to run and not have to worry about your pain. I hope you keep feeling better everyday. ... (299 replies)
... You know if you choose either army or marines you will always be deployed. ... (299 replies)
... That's crazy that Army basic is longer, and involves more running! I hope I'll be able to do it. ... (299 replies)
... st under three figures. It's at least 50 percent more than what I am getting paid now. I still like the Air Force, except for all stupid stuff that we have to do and the long work hours don't help. When you do enlist, I recommend you go overseas like Japan or Europe you will really enjoy it. ... (299 replies)
... o. I have had so many different appliances for my TMJ problems, it's ridiculous. Everytime I would get used to one thing, my parents would take me to a new dr. and I'd get a different appliance I'd have to adjust to. ... (299 replies)
... miles every other day and of course not on weekends. You definitely will be in shape for the Army. So I have looked at some of the orthodontist around me and now I just have to give them a call. To answer your guestion about being nervous, I still am! ... (299 replies)

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