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... Hello, I was just wondering is anyone has ever had or have a bite adjustment or occlusion adjustment? ... (3 replies)
... In between, whenever I used to go the dentist's office, I complained about the gap. He said everything looks perfect, there is no problem. Once, he did a bite adjustment on the bottom left last molar, because I insisted there is something wrong. That adjustment didn't help. The dentist referred me to an orthodontist. ... (1 replies)
Bite adjustment
Feb 20, 2001
... I went back to the dentist to have my bite adjusted on a crown. It hurts to eat on that side. In the same visit I also had four fillings replaced on the bottom on that same side. ... (5 replies)

... So, i went to the dentist last week because of some pain i have been having around an erupted wisdom tooth. lower right side. and of course the dentist told me (like every other dentist i have ever been to) that my mouth is too small and i have a horrible overbite and my teeth don't line up right. thing is the teeth on the left side are the ones that come together first and... (3 replies)
Bite problems
May 4, 2012
... Currently, when I bite straight down I have good contact only on the last molars on the left side, and slight contact on the first molar on the right side. ... (6 replies)
... r side of my mouth. It was my first cavity ever, I had an excellent track record for dental health before this. Anyway, after filling the cavity, she changed my bite on my molar. I came back to her a few days later complaining of an "off" feeling. Something didn't feel right when I closed my mouth. ... (6 replies)
... e some deep pocket in 4 teeth but the rest of the teeth have low reading. The periodontist recommends laser in 3 quadrants. He also says he needs to adjust my bite as part of the Laser Therapy, which requires to sand some teeth, where is necessary, for a better bite and for reducing the pressure. ... (0 replies)
... experience with it. My new dentist told me my old dentist who put the filings in should have never just ground down my filings all at once and ask me to check my bite when she was done because it made it worse... Sometimes I think i am making it worse than it really is but when I bite down it feels like a big deal.. ... (3 replies)
... all of a sudden I noticed a dull pain when I would chew certain things. I went in, and the dentist did xrays, said there was no abcess or new cracks, and did a bite adjustment. After another 3 weeks, it felt like it got slightly better, but I went in again just to be sure that there wasn't something else there. ... (0 replies)
... to get everything precise. He wasn't happy with my first set of crowns and redid them. It is better to find someone who does the crowns on site so they can do adjustment easily. ... (4 replies)
... Has anyone had a occlusion adjustment(equilibration/bite adjustment)done and had poor results as I have(pain)? I live in the Kansas City area. Please respond. Thank You. (2 replies)
... I had a permanent crown put on one of my lower molars (#30) in December, and my dentist shaved down the healthy opposing upper molar to fix the bite (the crown was way too high when it was first put in, and apparently shaving down only the crown couldn't get the bite to where it needed to be). While my dentist was shaving the healthy tooth I could feel some sensitivity, but... (3 replies)
... Except for an overbite that I have had my entire life, my teeth are healthy. I had orthodontics for 3.5 years when I was younger but my bite did not correct much. ... (0 replies)
... illings or crowns put in. It sounds like you trust your new dentist more than your first one, so I would listen to what he says. If you can stop and check your bite as he goes and stop when you want to, then it doesn't sound like a risky procedure at all. ... (3 replies)
... Hi in my opinion a proper bite is needed for good nutrition and good health. If food cannot be chewed to a cream constistency then some type of intervention may be needed in my opinion. ... (3 replies)
... severe pain I was having before, but noticeable pain that made me want to avoid chewing on that tooth. The dentist attributed this to be the bite being wrong. So far I've had three bite adjustments in addition to the adjustment I had when the crown was replaced. ... (0 replies)
Bite problems
May 5, 2012
... and potentially dangerous 30 years ago, but some dentists believe that grinding natural healthy enamel from their patients in a futile effort to "optimize" their bite and make a few hundred dollars doing this easy work is worth the risk they are taking. ... (6 replies)
... The dentist said that the NTI caused my back molars to super erupt and now only my back molars touch and more so on the left than right. He said he could do a bite adjustment where he basically shaved down the super teeth and rebuilt them with filling material OR I could see an ortho and get his opinion. ... (1 replies)
... don't usually get freezing, but one of the fillings was deep, so I got freezing on that side only. A few hours later, when the freezing came out, I found that my bite was completely off. My right front bottom tooth now hit very hard into the back of my top right front tooth. I went back to this dentist for an adjustment. ... (8 replies)
... My bad bite was caused by an incompetent orthodontist who gave me braces. My bad bite later caused my TMJ problems. I went to a TMJ doctor who gave me a splint. ... (6 replies)

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