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Biting Cheeks
Jan 27, 2008
... Thanks for the replies! I will look into this. The past two nights have been fine and I haven't been having the problem. It seems that when I DO bite my cheeks, it gets swollen and it's hard not to bite it when it's swollen on the inside. So after it heals, it gets better. (5 replies)
Biting Cheeks
Jan 25, 2008
... I have Bruxism and grind my teeth at night. I have permenant ridges on the inside of my cheeks because of this. I have been wearing an occlusal guard for about 5 years and have found it to be extremely helpful. ... (5 replies)
Biting Cheeks
Jan 24, 2008
... ly I have some mild pain in my right cheek... it's not a big deal, but I don't want it to get worse. In the past, dentists commented that I had marks on my inner cheeks and asked if I bit them. ... (5 replies)

... I have had a serious problem ALL my life. I bite the insides of my cheeks and my I bite at all the dead skin. I know lots of people that do this, but I dont think to the extent that I do... ... (1 replies)
... almost like rotting flesh since it's always wet, it's a wet stinky wound. I don't know what to tell you 'cept try to stop biting your cheeks, and chew on some gum. If you or anyone else has any advice for me, that'd me great. ... (1 replies)
Cheek biting
Aug 20, 2001
... does cheek biting produces white pastes often on it? ... (0 replies)
... are only slightly raised, painless, only slightly paler in color than the rest of the inside of my cheeks, and much thinner and straighter than any instance of biting the inside of my cheeks. i think the strage straightness of them makes me the most nervous. any ideas? ... (6 replies)
Jul 7, 2006
... I had to do that, I was always biting and it would be sore and swollen and that would make it even easier to bite again. Once I got that tooth adjusted, I stopped biting my cheek! ... (3 replies)
... You'll have puffy cheeks and may have some bruising on your cheeks. But that's normal. ... (22 replies)
Biting Cheeks
Jan 27, 2008
... i cant have a top one done, as i wear a partial denture,and i dont take it out at night,i should do but ,cant stand the sensation in morning and it takes a while to adjust in my mouth again shame really i cant have one thats not so tight around my teeth at bototm wonder if you could get a loose one? (5 replies)
Biting Cheeks
Jan 26, 2008
... Bergerbaby, The occlusal guard I use is molded to my upper teeth only. It is a hard acrylic guard that was formed from a bite mold. It also is formed to give me the appropriate space in my bite. It is actually protecting my bottom teeth because it is keeping me from grounding them all the way down and having them crack. (5 replies)
Biting Cheeks
Jan 26, 2008
... i too have that problem ,but i am having problems with my lower teeth,and cannot wear my mouthguard that was made for me ,as when i take it off feels like my teeth are coming with it:( but mouthguards are not that expensive mine cost me 45 and that was made by a top dentist in wimpole street, mind you cost me 100 to see me and he didnt do nothing else but ,a night... (5 replies)
... They clench their teeth and tend to suck the checks in during stress. That is why the white line runs along the biting surface of the teeth as Jennifer says. ... (6 replies)
Biting cheek
Jan 9, 2001
... When I eat or chew gum I tend to bite my cheeks a lot and it really hurts-why am I doing this and how can I stop. (6 replies)
... When you're near him, you can actually hear him doing it. It is sort of a dull sound of teeth biting with a mix of a almost "crunching" sound. I, personally, envision him biting the inside of his cheeks or tongue. ... (8 replies)
... I'm feeling the same way, but my dentist said is normal to have pain in my jaw and my other teeth I'm taking Vicodin and its helping me a lot, the pain is terrible but there's nothing u can do just hang in there try to focus and something else, I have 2 babies imagine :/ Good luck hope you feel better. (3 replies)
... cannot open my mouth without having a horrible pain in my jaw. I can get it open wide enough to fit one finger in between my top and bottom row of teeth. I keep biting the sides of my cheeks and they feel like raw skin at this point. ... (3 replies)
Biting cheek
Jan 10, 2001
... I don't have a problem of accidentaly biting my lips or cheeks, I do out of I suppose habit? ... (6 replies)
Jul 7, 2009
... I know when most of us bite our cheeks, we end up biting it again and again, because of the bite area swelling. If you have gotten in the habit of biting your cheek, you may want to consider stopping. ... (2 replies)
Need help!
Jan 12, 2005
... Hey, Ring; the clinical "proof"/biopsy said the callouses are "forming" due to trauma, maybe not necessarily due to biting; I think he was just throwing out his first thought? (5 replies)

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