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... Hey, I'm sure most of you here have accidentaly bitten the inside of your cheek at one time or another. I was just wondering if you've ever experienced anything like this or if I should get it checked out by my dentist... ... (3 replies)
Biting Cheeks
Jan 24, 2008
... Recently I have some mild pain in my right cheek... it's not a big deal, but I don't want it to get worse. In the past, dentists commented that I had marks on my inner cheeks and asked if I bit them. ... (5 replies)

Bit my cheek
Dec 17, 2006
... What I found works is to buy some of that GUM wax they make for braces and put a smoosh of it on each of the teeth where the sharp biting surface is. It helps. ... (2 replies)
Jul 7, 2006
... I had to do that, I was always biting and it would be sore and swollen and that would make it even easier to bite again. Once I got that tooth adjusted, I stopped biting my cheek! ... (3 replies)
Biting cheek
Jan 10, 2001
... I too have the problem of accidentally biting my cheek. It is VERY painful, and once it is injured, the swelling causes more accidental biting which makes healing a long and painful process. Please, someone help us! ... (6 replies)
... bump in my mouth, It's been there 2 or 3 days now and it kind of came out of nowhere on the 21st, it's now the 23rd. ... (1 replies)
... I have the same thing. A while line from biting on the inside of my cheek at night but also a small white lump at the end of the white line, near my molar. ... (1 replies)
... e my wisdom teeth because they were partially out and still covered with some gum tissue and I kept getting food caught in them and getting the gums infected and biting my cheek. I had no problems such as the swelling or jaw muscle pains before the surgery. ... (2 replies)
Biting Cheeks
Jan 25, 2008
... I have Bruxism and grind my teeth at night. I have permenant ridges on the inside of my cheeks because of this. I have been wearing an occlusal guard for about 5 years and have found it to be extremely helpful. ... (5 replies)
... i had this plm a few times with my side of my mouth from bruxing at night. at one point i was biting my cheek everytime i chewed for a week and that was hell! but now they re extracted so i shd be ok. ... (2 replies)
... ssively irrigated the abscessed area because he cleaned it and nothing came out but I still have both swelling and the sharp pains that flare up the left side of my face. I finally "cornered" him about the numbness and he told me that it can take anywhere up to a few weeks to 18 months to get all the feeling back. ... (8 replies)
Biting cheek
Jan 13, 2001
... I've had this same problem recently of biting my cheek accidentally on one side. The first thing I thought of was that it probably had something to do with my wisdom teeth having to be removed. They encouraged me to do this last year, but I didn't find it bothersome and still don't so not planning on it any time soon. ... (6 replies)
Biting Pain
Jul 21, 2006
... comfortable. Always felt like something needed to be flossed out of the way back area....After it was on a few months I got pain on biting on a certain are of the tooth. Dentist tried medication, adjusting the crown and then 2 different crowns. Still biting pain. ... (38 replies)
Biting Pain
Sep 3, 2006
... This would be my next step so I am wondering what they are going to do. I had assumed they had to take all that stuff out and look in with lights and magnification. ... (38 replies)
Need opinions.
Feb 22, 2005
... You need to get into your dentist!! If definately sounds like an infection, and I doubt it was caused by biting your cheek, it was probably something already going on, the biting of your cheek just irritated it, or brought it more to your attention. ... (4 replies)
... i woke up last week to me biting the inside of my left cheek. about 1 or 2 days after that,a bump or sore or something in my left cheek has appeared. it hurts whenever i eat,or spit. it is very annoying. is there anything i can do to get rid of this at home,or do i need a dentist? ... (1 replies)
... I feel like the bad breath thing ties into this because when I don't bite my cheeks, my breath is fine, but when I do, not so much. It's not terrible, like wet dog or anything, just not as fresh. ... (1 replies)
... I've never worn braces before, so my top teeth aren't perfectly straight. I have a small amount of crowding in my top, 2 of my teeth are a bit turned in. My ortho said he wouldn't put braces on 1 arch with out aligning the other as well. ... (18 replies)
... Some info suggests these "lines" on your inside cheeks can be caused by cheek biting..maybe in your sleep. Not sure if I believe that. I doubt I bite my cheeks. ... (4 replies)

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