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... Have you heard any more on the issue of the black spots? ... (0 replies)
... Hey all. My friend is having a problem with her teeth. She gets black dots on her side teeth. ... (2 replies)
... Ud'e be suprised how easily they can get rotten teeth out. ... (5 replies)

... at that point, the decay might be, at best, arrested. by doing the above. in that case, fillings would be optimalto stop the decay for certain and return the teeth to their normal shape, so that food doesn't collect between them. ... (2 replies)
... hing I can think of to is really long, but i hope if gives everyone who is wondering a good Idea of how you might feel after getting your wisdom teeth removed..even tho everyones expierence is a little different. good luck! ... (0 replies)
... Are the black dots on the top of the tooth.. like where you would get a filling? ... (2 replies)
... ng you can give me some advise so where i would not be so scared to go.. what do they do when you can not see the tooth it is far past that point i have like black spots where the tooth is and i'm not sure if i could get dentures because i have waited to long to get them pulled .. ... (5 replies)
... It could be stains. I brush and floss like crazy too and always have stains on my back teeth. Mine are mainly on the bottom part of the tooth where you chew food rather then on the sides. (2 replies)
... Has anyone heard about using black walnut extract for natural tooth enamel restoration? ... (7 replies)
... these spots are brown or black, pretty small, and in the crevices of about 2 or 3 teeth. my dentist did some fillings on 2 of my top teeth last week, could these spots on my bottom teeth be cavities? ... (5 replies)
Uk vs. canada
Jul 1, 2005
... said that these were not cavitees and were just natural spots on the teeth from when they formed. They took an xray and no decay showed so therefore no cavity. ... (1 replies)
... You can't see the actual cavity if it's down in your tooth, but the black spots you do see could very well be cavities. We don't usually have black spots on our teeth, so you may wish to go have them check, as if they truly are cavitites, they won't go away. ... (5 replies)
... I have tried to keep my teeth in as much as possible, besides taking them out to rinse with salt water but it is getting harder and harder each day. ... (11 replies)
... ray he can't see anything. Normally he would see black spots, if there was an infection in the bone. ... (6 replies)
Help... please
Feb 17, 2005
... dental insurance back. He had braces when he was a kid so his teeth are nice and straight, but when they were removing them, they broke his two front teeth. ... (1 replies)
... without all those ugly black spots. I've had mine in for nearly nine years with no problems so far. ... (5 replies)
Filling Question
Aug 27, 2003
... black spots in our teeth? ... (6 replies)
... It's been some time that I've read about these mercury blood tests, but I seem to remember that they don't work very well. That's why there is a controversy. I don't believe that we can take a test to determine whether we have health problems from dental fillings that contain mercury. From what I remember, it appears that some people have a greater tendency to retain this... (53 replies)
... r areas, and he said no. He asked if I had been to see my doctor yet about possible ENT problems, and I had not. I told him I could not put any pressure on those teeth to chew even soft foods and had to keep all food to the other side of my mouth. ... (3 replies)
... th. My upper jaw has adult teeth, from the two front teeth, all the way to the left side of my mouth, about 5 adult teeth, then empty space. From the two front teeth to the RIGHT, I have no adult teeth. The tooth immediately next to the front on the right rotted and had to be pulled. ... (3 replies)

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