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... I have major bone growth under my gums. My dentist says I need to see and oral surgeon to have the bone grafted down. Has anyone had this procedure done before. I chew gum a lot. Do you think this is why I have the bone growth? ... (0 replies)
... it could be your bone. If it's along your gum and it's very hard and just very tiny bump, raised then it could be your bone. You know some ppl have torus or tori on the roof of their mouth or on the lower teeth? ... (7 replies)
... i have the same problem. im not sure if its tori since tori is on the tongue side of the jaw. mine is on the cheek side! is that still considered tori? ... (9 replies)

... Did your peridontist recommend you take vitamin k suppliments. My husband had to take this, and he has had successful bone growth. ... (2 replies)
... extracted nearly 4 months ago. I had a root canal performed on that tooth that failed twice. They extracted it after noticing I had a resorbed root. ... (2 replies)
Lump on gum
Jan 10, 2007
... I can't respond on any cancer possibilities, but I can respond on my experiences with a boney growth. Growth of extra bone can take place on the outer side of your jaw. ... (1 replies)
Aug 11, 2010
... on the outside portion of my upper and lower jaws due to some severe bruxism. I kept getting food caught between it and my gums and getting sores. I went to an exodontist to have them removed. ... (1 replies)
... all together. Just reading about wearing partials or fulls gets you all freaked out as they talk about not having that natural chewing stimualting pressure there on the bone. ... (5 replies)
... Thanks for the reply. I did just recently have an abscess on my gums on that side, so it would make sense that it would be a periodontal issue. ... (3 replies)
Gum Flap procedure
Apr 13, 2007
... I had a different procedure done last October, but the process was similar. I had a very large boney growth on my upper jaw. ... (2 replies)
... What does the underside an upperside of your gums look like? ... (38 replies)
... Thanks Lateeth it is great to know that they are able to succeed in growing the teeth. I am just wondering how your dentist kept your own bone during surgery. Where did he take it from? ... (25 replies)
... As openarmz5 said it could also be a tori which is a bony growth that many people have. They don't bother you unless they are in a place where a denture would have to rest or they interfere with your teeth or bite. ... (3 replies)
... ection of dental problems related to this. They told me that they were limiting their involvement with the already demonstrated side effects, and were rather shy on details. So no luck there. ... (7 replies)
Pocket numbers?
Jun 1, 2005
... I just had my last flap surgery a few days ago. It has been almost 6 mos since the first quad was done so my dentist is waiting to do probing until 6 months but she said based on what she can see so far she thinks I will be able to keep the rest of my teeth but i will have to do 3 cleanings a year to make sure to keep any further infection away...As I said, the other 3... (6 replies)
... in the past 2 years on my teeth. I didn't have bleeding gums either, just a couple of increasingly sensitive teeth. ... (8 replies)
... adhesives.....have only used it a couple just before they reline them again....I do not want to get the 'goop' stuck around the implants...or stuck on anything else for that matter! Tried the powder which works great on the upper but less than poorly on the bottom so had to try the gooey paste stuff! ... (28 replies)
... Had bottom wisdom teeth removed a year ago at age 37. Dr, said I have alot of boney growth on the sides of the gums. well now all of a sudden some small bone is coming through on the left side and it hurts. ... (0 replies)
... hink she told me if i understood it correctly. the flap surgery is to help the gum disease to get rid of it. Many people who have gum disease also get receding gums but my gums had not receded and in fact I had lots of gum. ... (25 replies)
... Hey Robin, hope you will read this before you go. It is past midnight here on the west coast so you are probably waking up soon. ... (25 replies)

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