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Bone Infection
Apr 10, 2004
... Has anyone had any experience with a bone infection in the jaw that you could share with me? ... (5 replies)
... I dont know if you are still on this site,...but I just now read your post about jaw bone infections. ... (5 replies)
... irrigated, is there still a need to worry about infection in the jaw bone itself? ... (5 replies)

... this doctor is in Sacramento CA. Dr. Heir. if you need more information I will provide. but he was the one that after about 2.5 years of crazy pain of my sister started the process of cleaning that infected bone. ... (72 replies)
... Two months later the area is reinfected again and I have surgery by an Endodontist on the 3 lower front teeth lots of bone loss. After several months of healing and antibiotics the area is infected again and I elect to have the teeth pulled and eventually get implants. ... (72 replies)
... does anyone know what kind of test is needed to show up bone infections in the jaw- I've had something going on in right hand side of jaw for many years and the corner of my jaw, under my ear swells up all the time , but nothing shows up on MRI, or CAT SCAN - any suggestions are appreciated and names of doctors/dentists that know how to deal with this stuff - I feel for all of... (72 replies)
... And to scare some sense into you, DONT MESS with it. The consequesnce can be devastating.....I went to a dentist that pulled an absess tooth before treating with antibiotics. ... (8 replies)
... ray, he sent me to a specialist who confirmed that I had a serious bone infection in my jaw. He scheduled surgery on a Saturday, because he said it was so bad. I am still having problems with the teeth next to where he did the surgery. ... (4 replies)
... I believe that I have been dealing with a jawbone infection for over 20 yrs, ever since a complication from a wisdom tooth extraction, at the age of 20. ... (72 replies)
... Some of you may remember me from a while back as I was having some problems with severe tooth pain a couple of years ago. Unfortunately I seen many specialists in England who did nothing to help me as I had diagnosises ranging from a possible infection, to neuralgia, and even psychosomatic symptoms. ... (72 replies)
Jaw Bone Infection
Jan 29, 2008
... Years Ago I Had A Jawbone Infection And Several Teeth That Had Absessed. I Had 4 Root Canals Done And Things Settled Down. ... (14 replies)
... ENTs etc etc.. over the last 4 years with my upper rt jaw. ... (2 replies)
... Hi there! I just NOW read your post...and i know you wrote it 2 years ago!! I am hoping you are well now..and that your jaw bone issue has been cleared up? ... (1 replies)
... I am new to forums and not sure what I am doing, and not sure when someone is talking to you or talking to someone else - but anyway you need to contact Dr. Huggins in colorado for your little sister - he has helped many people -Unfortunatley, I went to one of his clinics a year ago and they missed something, but Dr. Huggins is reviewing my case and I may be going back this... (72 replies)
... like so tired that lifting an arm is an effort sometimes. It is worse in the evening. ... (72 replies)
... You have osteomyelitis and should be on IV antibiotics. Is it your upper or lower jaw? You need either an ENT or a GOOD oral surgeon! Don't can become chronic and then it is impossible to get rid of!!! Go to your family doctor if you have to. A dentist should not be treating you for this. (4 replies)
... Please get a second opinion from another dentist, preferably an endodontist. This can be a very serious issue, having an infection in your jawbone. At the very least I imagine you would need a retreatment. ... (4 replies)
... I had a root canal done about 2 months ago. It took several rounds of antibiotics and several visits, since the dentist was not able to numb the area well because of the infection. I finally got it completed but have continued to have pain that has gradually gotten worse. ... (4 replies)
... Katie, you need to see a dentist. It is very common for a lower tooth to refer pain to the ear. ... (72 replies)
Jaw Bone Infection
Jan 31, 2008
... They said I had absessed teeth that got up into my jawbone, so then came the root canals and crowns. I think that after looking around the web it could be that since there is so little circulation and marrow in the jaw that my jaw may be dying and they may have to scrape it. ... (14 replies)

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